How to Create A Google Reviews URL for Customers

How To Create Google URL for Customers (Cover)

For all their ingenuity and innovation, it’s still surprisingly hard for customers to leave reviews on your Google My Business profile. We have no doubt that in the near future, this will be remedied. After all, Google is waging a ceaseless battle towards making their user experience as smooth as possible. But in the meantime, your customers may be finding it hard to leave a review of your business.

And this simply cannot be abided. While it’s true that most customers will gladly leave a review for your business if you ask them to, even willing customers will not abide by the difficulties of leaving one. Simply put: if the process of leaving a customer review is difficult, you will surely lose out on many valuable reviews. 

And make no mistake about it; customer reviews are vital to the success of your business. They can make or break your online reputation, they can give a real shot in the arm to your local SEO efforts and they can help move leads along the sales funnel. 

And more and more people are turning to Google My Business reviews to read about other customers’ experience with your company. One of the reasons for this trend is that in most cases, Google will actually pull up a business’s GMB profile first. That means that in most cases, people who search for your type of business locally will see GMB reviews at the top of the page. And no one wants to scroll forever to find out if a business is credible or not.

So while Google has yet to make leaving reviews on GMB easy, they sure do make seeing existing GMB reviews as quick and simple as possible.

This has become a challenge for many business owners who need plentiful GMB reviews but are having a hard time explaining the circuitous process to their customers. But in today’s post, we are going to be providing you with a cheat sheet. You can actually acquire a link from Google that leads directly to the page on which customers can leave a review for your business. So read on to learn how to get URL to Google reviews. And for more helpful tips, contact us here at BrandRevu.

What is the Review URL?

The link that we are going to tell you how to get is a direct access line to your Google My Business profile. It takes anyone you give this link straight to the “Leave a Review” page so the process is super easy. You can share this link in direct emails to customers you have serviced. You can also include it in your website content. 

Creating a Direct Link for Google My Business Customer Reviews

Having Google Review link can help increase the amount of reviews you get on a regular basis by streamlining the process for your customers. How to get the URL to Google reviews is actually a fairly simple process. Just follow these steps:

1 – Navigate to Google My Business and sign in to view your dashboard. You may have multiple listings in your dashboard and you can create Google Review link for all of them. The process will be the same for all of them so for now, choose the listing that you really want to get a Google Review link for. 

2 – Next, find the “Info” tab on your listing page. In this tab, you should see an option entitled “Profile Short Name.” You will see a field in which you can type in a short name for your business. You will probably also see a short name suggestion provided by Google at the bottom of the box. A short name is essentially just a nickname (something other than the full legal name of your business) for your business. The short name you choose should be something that the customer will still recognize, however. Maybe your business has a name that is usually used by your customers. At any rate, type whichever name you choose into the field and then click “Apply.”

3 – After you have created your business short name, click on the “Home” tab of your business listing. You should see a new card on the homepage entitled “Get More Reviews.” Click that card and you will see your Google review link and be able to copy it to your clipboard. 

From here its as easy as sending this link to as many customers as you want. But be sure not to inundate your customers with unsolicited emails. Instead, share this link with people you have recently serviced.

Alternative Method for Google Review URL

There is an alternative method for acquiring a Google Review link. It requires that you use the Google Chrome browser. But essentially all you have to do is:

  • From the Chrome browser, perform a google search of your own business. Be sure to use your name exactly how it is listed in GMB. You should be able to see your business profile in the Knowledge Panel on the right of the page.
  • Right next to your star rating, you should see a clickable text link that says how many Google reviews you have (it will read something like “(insert amount here) Google reviews). Click on this link. 
  • You will then be led to a page where you can write a review for your business. In the navigation bar, you are going to want to copy the URL. Once you have copied it, you will be able to share this link with others for easy navigation to your GMB review page.

We hope you have found our guide on how to get URL to Google reviews helpful. Google My Business reviews help you get more reviews, increase brand awareness and grow your business. And having this link can be a vital asset for your business. For more information on how you can leverage your reviews using our innovative software, get in touch with us here at BrandRevu.