Local SEO from BrandREVU

Want to rank for local keywords automatically? BrandREVU makes it happen. Utilize our BrandREVU web app to perform jobsite check-ins and let our local SEO software do the rest. The tool publishes your check-ins on the corresponding web page. For example, if you repair a roof in Dallas, TX, your check-in appears on your roof repair and Dallas, TX pages, respectively. Think about how well you can rank on Google Maps and Google Search with user-generated local content in 2021. BrandREVU is a tool like no others, and ranking for local keywords just became a whole lot easier. 

Metal Roof Check-in
Local SEO Ranking Example

Google Maps Ranking

It’s never been easier to appear on Google’s Local 3-Pack than with BrandREVU. Send geo-coordinates to Google’s search crawlers through verifiable check-ins. As you accumulate social proof through geo-signals, your website begins appearing more prominently on Google Maps. Most contractors cover a local map pack ranking in their area, and BrandREVU helps you achieve your position.

Check-in for Google Maps
Map Pack Rankings

Local SEO Automation

Traditional marketing agencies require your website to feature content about each one of your services in the location. Marketers typically outsource content writing to 3rd parties who don’t understand your industry or brand. They write trash content that thins Google’s index and perpetuates false claims about your business. BrandREVU check-ins solve this problem once and for all. Since you check-in for each job through the BR web-app, you can prove your company’s worth through your own words and services. Now Google and its users see your team working and have the geo-location data to prove it. 

Local SEO Automation

Local SEO Strategy

Local rankings rely on geo-data which Google uses to rank its local map pack. After all, proximity, prominence, and relevance are the three ranking factors. The excellent news is BrandReVU supplies each automatically. All your business needs to do is perform consistent check-ins, and BR does the rest. Get automated review requests for each job so that you accumulate more reviews than ever. But reviews are only 20% of the ranking factor. The most significant factors include user-generated content and geo-location data which BR provides through our system. 

The Top Local SEO Tool for 2021

BrandREVU is primarily considered a once-in-a-generation SEO tool. Sure, many reputation management tools exist, but they don’t help you rank in Google Search. BrandREVU makes sure that your check-ins and reviews contribute to Google Maps and Google Search’s actual rankings. Writing trash blog content on your plumbing website might get you some irrelevant clicks, but it won’t get you conversions. BR showcases real work for real people, which is why it helps you get better clicks that convert.

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On-Page SEO for Local Businesses

Writing on-page content is painstaking for business owners. That’s why they often outsource SEO to a 3rd party. But what if software existed to automate the on-page SEO process? That’s where BrandREVU comes in. The BR app does most of the heavy on-page SEO lifting. All you’ll need is a list of services and locations for your website and to perform regular check-ins. BrandREVU populates the content on your website for SEO ranking.

On-Page SEO

White Label Local SEO Services

Are you an agency that has local SEO clients? You can use BrandREVU to automate their local SEO process under your brand name. Your clients will think you have the best SEO tool on the market —- which you will. Ditch trash content and start impressing your clients with the BR tool to make local SEO a simple and easy process. Start white labeling today.