Job site check-ins from BrandREVU are a game-changer for reputation management. The technology allows contractors to check-in at their job and subsequently publishes the details of the job onto the company’s website. Whether you work for a plumbing company, roofing company, HVAC company, or any other type of contracting business, you can utilize check-ins to boost your local SEO. Before we dive deeper into how check-ins help generate leads to increase sales, let’s define what check-ins actually are.

What are Check-ins?

Check-ins are submissions onto the BrandREVU app that verify a specific job or service. Let’s say you are a plumber traveling to a nearby city to perform a water heater repair. You simply take out your phone, open BrandREVU, and snap a photo of the water heater. You can then fill out the information including the city in which the service is taking place and then click submit. From there, BrandREVU works its magic by publishing your check-on onto the relevant pages of your website (i.e. water heater repair services and plumber in Frisco, TX). The check-in serves as unique content for your website and also verification of a service completed.

Check-ins automatically publish to your company’s most relevant website pages

How Check-ins Help Contractors

SEO has evolved over the past decade and for local contractors, ranking outside your primary zip code can be a real struggle. The problem Google faces is that they can’t verify whether a local company deserves to rank in surrounding cities rather than just their main city, because there’s no real proof of them doing work elsewhere. Check-ins serve at the solution to that problem. By publishing check-ins on your websites’ city pages, you prove to Google and your visitors that you are servicing various cities. Let’s consider some of the ways check-ins assist contractors:

Local SEO for Contractors

Ranking on the Map 3-Pack is a big deal for contractors. It’s one of the most efficient ways to generate leads through organic search. Additionally, contractors can benefit from ranking on traditional organic results for geo-specific search queries. Let’s say, for example, a resident of Irving, TX searches for plumbing in irving tx — you may be based in Fort Worth, TX but can still rank your Irving, TX city page on the results. As long as you have check-ins published on the city page, you are putting yourself in a position to rank. In summary, check-ins help boost local SEO on both the Map pack and traditional organic results.

Local Map Pack
Ranking on the Local Map Pack is critical for local contractors whoa re looking for relevant leads

Conversion Rate Optimization

Ranking on Google is only the first-step to generating consistent leads. To really dominate your local market, you must convert website traffic into paying customers. Check-ins help accomplish that goal by giving local residents a reason to trust your company. With published proof of your jobs throughout your website, visitors will intrinsically trust your company to be reputable and reliable. Not unlike reviews, check-ins help humanize your local business. When prospects see proof of jobs completed for a specific service type, in a specific zip code, they will know that their needs can be met.

Roofing Check-in
Visitors who see proof of relevant services are more likely to convert

Content Marketing

When SEO marketers speak about content they are usually referring to written pages and blog posts. But in reality, the best form of content comes from BrandREVU’s check-in feature. Since check-ins are automatically published to relevant website pages, they serve as unique and relevant content that can’t be replicated by a “content writer.” Furthermore, this content can be marketed in a variety of ways from social media distribution to email marketing. And rest assured that your site’s visitors will be far more intrigued by proof of service than they will be by some 3rd party content writer trying to stuff keywords into the headers. Best of all, check-ins are also Google-friendly, meaning they are effective for search engine optimization.

HVAC Website Page
HVAC Check-in

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To add check-ins to your website, call BrandREVU today at 800-775-1250. If you run a marketing agency and are interested in white label solutions for your clients, check out our post on reputation management software for agencies. BrandREVU can take your agency to the next level and separate you from competitors who lack the solutions their clients need. Our software is especially helpful to agencies who specialize in local contractors.

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