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How to Rank for “Roofers Near Me” With More Reviews

Roofers Near Me (Blog Cover)

Roofing is very much a local business. Chances are, if you are a roofing contractor, you are not traveling three counties over to bid on jobs. So the “near me” searches become extremely important for lead generation and customer conversion.

But ranking in the Google Local 3 Pack isn’t easy. If it were, marketers would be out of a job. To rank high on coveted “near me” searches, you have to take care of many aspects of SEO. But one of the most critical factors that affect your “near me” search rankings are reviews. 

Reviews are important factors for local ranking because they are one of the things the Google crawlers emphasize when indexing pages for relevant searches. And in case you were wondering why you would even want to rank high for “near me” searches, consider the following statistic: from 2016 to 2018, the frequency with which online consumers have used the “near me” keyword to find local businesses has increased by 900%. And those numbers are still rising in 2020.

So ask yourself this question: are you ranking well in “roofers near me” searches? If not, getting more roofers near me reviews should be your first step. Let’s look at how you can rank better locally using reviews.

Make it Easy

You’ll want to make it as easy as possible for customers to write reviews of your business. And using a go-to short link makes it incredibly easy. Shortlinks go straight to a page where people can leave a Google review of your business. It’s easy, it’s quick, and you can use the link every time you ask for a review. Be sure this link is present on your website and in any emails you send out to customers. 

Leverage Existing Reviews

There is a way you can use the reviews you already have to rank higher on “near me searches.” Google has emphasized companies that reply to their customer’s reviews for their algorithm. What does that mean? It means that they are likely to rank your website higher if you regularly respond to the reviews people leave you on Google. 

Now is the perfect time to go through all your old reviews and turn them into ranking gold very quickly. Not only does replying to reviews help you rank higher, but it also helps bring in more reviews. When people see that you are likely to react to their review, they will be more likely to leave one in the first place – especially if you make it a point to respond promptly to negative reviews.

Spruce up your Google My Business Page

As you may have already surmised, this next tip will require that you have a Google My Business Listing, which you most certainly should if you are a roofing contractor. If you don’t, drop everything and create one now.

Merely having a Google My Business page isn’t enough, though. Many small businesses lose out on reviews because they have inconsistent or inadequate content on their profile. 

For example, say you worked for a resident and were pleased with the project. They want to leave you a useful review as a reward, but you have your business listed as “Donner Roofing LLC” on your Google My Business page, but the business card the happy customer has in his/her hands says “Donner Roofing.”

Now there is a doubt in her mind as to whether they are the same company. She abandons the review altogether, not wanting to give undue credit to a company she doesn’t know. 

“Aha!” the happy customer thinks – they remember your face, so they’ll look at the pictures you have on your Google My Business profile to identify your company. Alas, that marvelous idea crumbles quickly as the customer finds that you have little to no pictures on your account.

Ensuring that your company name, address, and contact info are consistent across all platforms (digital, print, multimedia, etc.) is essential. An optimized Google My Business page will help you get more roofers near me reviews since people can verify their contractor holds a listing on GMB.

BrandREVU Makes Review Acquisition Easy

Getting more reviews is a crucial part of local SEO, and here at BrandRevu, we specialize in helping roofers get them. We developed software specifically to help you get more reviews, manage existing feedback, and make the whole task easier even for people who aren’t tech-savvy. Let us help you get more roofers near me reviews today.  

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How to Change your Facebook Business Name (2020 Update)

Change Your Facebook Business Name (Cover)

Ensuring your name, address, and phone number (NAP) information is consistent across all business listing, online reviews, and social media platforms is a crucial part of the best SEO practices and online reputation management. And while it may seem like a simple task, many DIY marketers and even some professionals still overlook it. 

So in today’s post, BrandREVU will talk about why it’s essential to know how to change your Facebook business name when you need to and, of course, how to do it.

Can you Change your Facebook Business Page Name?

Absolutely. You can change your Facebook business page name any time (although the goal is not to have to do this often at all) so long as you are signed in as a page admin. 

Why Should you Change your Facebook Business Name?

The truth is you shouldn’t if you don’t have to. But what you should do is take some time to view your website and all other online business profiles you have registered for. If your business’s name is not consistent across all those platforms, you need to know how to edit them to make them 100% consistent. 

For example, if your business name is “Franklin & Sons Plumbing, LLC” on your official website but your Facebook page displays the name your customers often call you “Frankie & Sons”, that’s a problem. Having consistent branding is a benefit to your company and provides a better user experience to your customers. 

Besides, even slight name variations like the one we used in the example above can confuse customers and cause them to search for the services they need elsewhere. 

Having consistent branding will also make your business appear more professional to prospective customers. 

How Do I Change my Facebook Business Page Name in 2020?

You may have read a guide like this five years ago, but Facebook formatting changes. It’s best to stay abreast of the latest changes and make sure you know how to change your Facebook page at any time. The process is relatively simple:

  • First, log into your business’s Facebook account. Once you are in, you will see a blue arrow in the top right-hand corner of the page. Click it to open a drop-down menu. In this menu, you will see an option for “manage pages.” Click on this option.
  • You will then be navigated to a “page management” page. You should see your business listing here. Click it. 
  • When you are on your business page, you will see the three dots under the page’s main banner. Click those three dots to open the menu. In the menu, you will see an option for “edit page info.” Click on this option. 
  • Once you are on the “edit page info” page, scroll to the bottom. You will see an option for “see all information.” Click this option, and you will be taken to a page where you can edit your business name info. 

What if this Doesn’t Work?

If you cannot access any of the menu options and pages we described in the guide above, it probably means you are not an admin for the page. You will need to be an admin to make any name or business information changes to the page. To become an admin, ask the current admin to change your role

Getting admin status on your Facebook business page is a bit more involved. Still, you should be registered as the admin if you intend to manage your page. If you are unsure who is the current admin of your page, do the following:

  • Sign in to your Facebook page and click the “Settings” option at the top right end of the page.
  • You will see a “Page Roles” section in the menu that drops down in the left column. Click on the “Page Roles” link.
  • You will then be navigated to a page where you will see a list of page roles and occupy each of those roles associated with your Facebook business page. 

Get Professional Reputation Management Review Software

Please make no mistake about it; consistent branding is a massive part of online reputation management. And no one knows more about online reputation management than we do here at BrandREVU. Not only are we reputation management experts, but we can help you implement our innovative software to make vital tasks easy.

Get better local map pack ranking, get more reviews, and make it easier to manage your online presence across all platforms with BrandREVU. Give us a call for better and easier reputation management today. 

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Google Review not Showing up, What now?

Google Review Not Showing Up (Blog Cover)

Your Google review is not showing up, what do you do now? We understand how troubling it can be when your Google reviews aren’t showing up. Google reviews are extremely important to your brand and the growth of your business. With 63% of consumers reporting that they check Google reviews before making a purchasing decision, you simply can’t afford to lose out on such a huge market.

And after all, you have worked hard to earn your glowing reviews. You have improved your product, service, and customer support efforts so you should be getting all your Google reviews. But a lot of businesses are facing the problem of Google reviews not showing up these days and we wanted to take some time to explain why this may be happening to you and what you can do about it.

Some of the reasons for Google Reviews not showing up have to do with their systems and servers which, unfortunately, you can’t really do anything about. And sometimes it’s just a simple matter of clearing your browser cache. But there are a number of reasons why your Google reviews may not be showing up so let’s take a look at some of the most common and likely causes.

Reason 1: COVID-19

Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has far-reaching effects but a lot of business owners and customers were surprised when they tried to leave a review or reply to a customer review in late March and found that they were unable to do so. Google temporarily disabled the review functionality of Google My Business listings in March due to COVID-19. There were a couple of reasons why this happened:

  • Unfair Reviews – The fact is that some consumers were unaware of the situation and that some businesses limited their hours or had to shutter their doors completely due to the ongoing pandemic. This led to a lot of unfounded negative reviews. In an effort to insulate businesses from these unfair reviews, Google temporarily disabled customer reviews.
  • Limited Manpower – Google was hit just like a lot of businesses were. When the pandemic struck, Google had to limit its own team which informed the decision to temporarily disable the review function of GMB.

If you haven’t checked your GMB listing page since April, be sure to check-in. Google has recently re-enabled reviews and review replies. Also, make sure all your business information including operating hours are up to date and correct. COVID-19 altered business hours and outdated business hours could also be causing a delay in review posting. 

Reason 2: Reviews Don’t Comply with Google Terms of Service

In an effort to make Google as user (and family) friendly as possible, they have laid out comprehensive and strict terms of service for all submitted content on the platform…including reviews. So what does that mean for you as a business owner? Let’s say someone loved your restaurant so much that they decided to leave a very “enthusiastic” review which included some obscenities. According to the Google Terms of Service, they reserve the right to remove any content deemed “obscene or profane.” 

That means that even if someone gives you a 5-star review on Google, it will not be displayed if there are vulgarities or other restricted content and verbiage in it. The only way to remedy this issue is to ask the reviewer to go to their Google Plus page, click on their “My Contributions” tab, edit the review to comply with the Google TOS, and resubmit it.

Reason 3: Loss of Verification Status

Google uses a few different methods to verify a business. But your work as a business owner isn’t done once you have your business initially verified. Google tries to offer its users relevant, accurate, and up to date information as much as possible. As such, inactive businesses may have their verification pulled by Google which means, among other things, that new customer reviews will not show up on GMB. There are a couple of ways you can lose your verification status:

  • Not Logging In – If you have not logged into your Google My Business dashboard in 6 months or more, you may have your verification pulled.
  • Lack of Activity – If you have not made any edits to your GMB page, not posted new pictures, or replied to customer reviews for a significant amount of time, you may also lose your verification status.

Google announced that they will send an email to GMB users before they actually revoke verification. If your business has lost verification due to inactivity, search your inbox for a notification from Google. It will contain instructions for reinstating verification.

Reason 4: Spam

Your heart may be in the right place, but your marketing strategies may get your GMB listing flagged and suspended. Google loathes spam. They will remove any content that they feel may be spam. So if you have asked your family, friends, neighbors, and random strangers to leave a review for your business, we applaud your gumption but this tactic may lead to your reviews getting removed. 

Here is exactly how Google puts it in their own words:

“Your content should reflect your genuine experience at the location and should not be posted just to manipulate a place’s ratings. Don’t post fake content, don’t post the same content multiple times, and don’t post content for the same place from multiple accounts.”

If you are getting reviews from people who haven’t really patronized your business, if one person is leaving multiple reviews or if everyone is suspiciously saying the same things in their reviews, Google will likely flag the content as spam and remove it. 

Unfortunately, the only thing you can do to prevent this is to make sure you are not using spammy tactics to get reviews. Instead, try these tested and proven review acquisition methods.

Reason 5: Deleted Reviews

Finally, some reviews just get flat out deleted. Either the user has gone back and deleted a review for whatever reason or Google has deleted an existing review of your business. There are a few reasons why Google reviews may be suddenly deleted:

  • The Review was from a Third-Party Site – If you are noticing that some of your Yelp or BBB reviews are no longer showing up on your GMB listing, it’s because Google no longer includes reviews from third-party review sites.
  • The Review Contains Links – Including links in a review is not allowed. If someone left your business a review with a link, it will be deleted almost immediately after it is posted.
  • The Review was Redacted – In some cases, your reviewer may simply go back and delete their review of your business. A user’s profile can also get flagged and their review removed if their Google Plus account had no activity before or after the review was left.

BrandREVU: Professional Review Service

In any case, the best thing you can do to make sure you have plentiful and helpful reviews is to utilize our innovative reputation management and review software. BrandREVU has custom-designed our software to help local businesses rank higher, improve their online presence, and make their reviews work for them. We can help you get more reviews and more conversions. Learn more about what our software can do for your company by contacting us!

The Most Innovative Review Software for Contractors

Review Software for Contractors (Blog Cover)

If you are looking for review software for contractors, you aren’t alone. Being a contractor comes with its own unique set of challenges – especially if you want to focus on marketing. Contracting businesses are brick and mortar companies. If you have no local presence then you are fighting an uphill battle. There are a lot of types of software out there for contractors but none of them have been optimized for the digital marketing needs of contractors. The problem usually lies in a lack of foresight by developers. They see the market as a global entity, which it is. But as a contractor, you have to think locally. You have to learn how to walk before you can run so to speak. That’s where things like local SEO come into play.

You need to be seen by as many people in your community as possible and digital marketing is the best and most efficient way to be seen. Here at BrandRevu, we take local SEO a step further with our innovative review software for contractors. Our review software was developed with a local focus to help contractors like you grow your business and leverage the reviews you already have, gain more, and turn them into powerful local marketing tools. 

The Importance of Contractor Reviews

Most people would say that leads are the lifeblood of a contracting business but many leads are created by reviews. Customer reviews are an important part of the sales funnel. They can provide you with important market data, help you improve your services, and be social proof signals to potential customers. 

Reviews can be a powerful asset to your business but only if they are managed correctly. For example, did you know that perfect aggregate review ratings are actually not ideal in today’s market? People are distrustful of perfect reviews. They tend to think that perfect reviews are a signal that the proprietor has manipulated the system in some way. It sounds counterintuitive but it’s true. In fact, the Spiegel Research Canter has statistical proof that businesses and products with 4.2-4.5 ratings influenced more sales. 

Customer reviews are important to the millennial market as well. The millennial generation is finally moving out of their parents’ homes and starting to buy houses of their own. In fact, one in three millennials under the age of 35 now owns a home. That number is down from previous generations but it still makes up a large portion of the market. And all those young homeowners will need work on their properties at some point. So it is important to note that 91% of millennials trust online customer reviews as much as they trust word of mouth referrals from friends and family. The millennial generation is likely the one over which customer reviews hold the most clout so it is imperative that you have plenty of reviews on your website to appeal to this surging generation.

Another reason why customer reviews are so important in today’s market is that more and more people are shying away from paid advertising. In a study conducted by Statuslabs, it was found that a whopping 83% of modern consumers don’t trust ads. What do they turn to in order to inform their purchasing decisions instead? You guessed it, customer reviews. When a person reads a review, they are seeking to find out what they can expect from your business by seeing it through the experience of someone who has used your services before. In essence, reviews are the new advertising.

The quantity of reviews also plays a role in conversion rates. For example, an estimated 70% of consumers will not make a purchasing decision before they have read at least 4 reviews. Most of those consumers will not even consider your business if you have less than 4 reviews. Much less if you have none. So garnering reviews becomes important in the first place. But how do you get reviews? Check out more reputation management stats.

Earning Reviews for Contractors

Do you have little to no reviews for your contracting business? Fear not. Just take a look at these helpful tips for generating reviews for your business:

  • Ask70% of consumers will leave a review if asked. So don’t be afraid to ask your customers for a review once the job is done. Word of mouth requests are still very effective for earning reviews.
  • Make it Easy – If you make the process of leaving a review easy for your customers, they will be more inclined to do so. Remember, not everyone is tech-savvy. Not everyone knows how to jump on Yelp or Angie’s List and leave a review. That’s why you should have a simple link ready for them when you request a review. Consider printing your review links on your business card or providing an email that walks your customers through the process.
  • Tell your Crew – You will not always be around at the end of a job so make sure that your team knows that asking for reviews is a point of emphasis. 
  • Google My Business – Having your business set up on Google My Business is a great way to earn more reviews. Google My Business is one of the most popular platforms right now and Google makes it easy for customers to leave reviews. Make sure you have a Google My Business profile with all your pertinent information listed on it.

What Review Software for Contractors can do

Now that you know just how important reviews are and know how you can start earning more, it’s time to talk about what advantages review software for contractors holds. Take a look at the most important benefits:

  • It Saves Time – Review software like the kind we offer here at Brand Revu will help you focus on other important aspects of running your business. By automating many of the processes related to managing reviews on various platforms, our review software for contractors can take menial tasks out of your hands and the hands of your staff. We can help you allocate your most precious resource – time – to other endeavors.
  • It Makes for A Happier Customer – Did you know that 89% of people seek out and read business’s replies to customer reviews? When you reply to a review, whether it be good or bad, it shows the customer and potential customers that you care about providing excellent service. Our software makes it easy for you to reply to reviews that have been posted across multiple platforms. We make it simple to provide a better overall customer experience to your clients.
  • It Improves Local SEO – Our software focuses on turning your reviews into schema markup, geo-locating and optimizing reviews for local SEO. Your reviews can actually help other people in your area find your business but only if they are managed just so. We make sure that your reviews helped get you ranked on more local searches.
  • Improve your Online Reputation – We already talked about how people don’t trust traditional advertising anymore. With our help, you can turn your customer reviews into extremely potent marketing tools. Your customer reviews can help build your brand and make more external platforms point to your company website. 

Innovative Review Software for Contractors

So what makes Brand Revu the most innovative review software for contractors? For starters, we help get your reviews broadcasted to the platforms that matter the most. We use schema markup and microdata to optimize your page for local searches. We turn your customer reviews into local SEO signals so that more people who are in need of your services can find you. We make sure that all geo-indicators that exist for your company online are accurate, streamlining the sales process and making sure that you aren’t inundated by customers outside of your service area.

With our Brand Revu widget, we also make it easy for people to see glowing reviews of your service from all platforms right on your website. We make it as easy as possible for busy contractors to manage and reply to customer reviews. We help you earn even more reviews. In short, we cater to the SEO and marketing needs of the modern contractor. 

There is much more we can do for you. But every service that our software provides is geared towards helping you expand and meet the goals you have for your business. We have worked with contractors of all kinds, and we have the experience to help you turn the vision you have for your company into a reality. Get in touch with us here at BrandRevu to learn more.

The Best Review Software for Plumbers

Best Review Software for Plumbers (Cover)

Looking for the best review software for plumbers? If you generate a good amount of positive customer reviews for your plumbing company then pat yourself on the back. You have already accomplished something that a lot of plumbing contractors struggle with – especially in the early days. But don’t you think it’s time for those reviews to start really working for you? After all, you have worked hard to provide stellar service to your customers to get those reviews in the first place. Don’t let them gather dust on the shelf.

At BrandRevu, we are all about making your good reviews work for you. A lot of the time, plumbers’ good reviews aren’t really doing much for the continued success of their companies because they simply don’t know how powerful reviews can be. Reviews can be leveraged in a number of ways to help you convert more customers, rank higher on local SEO searches, and establish the reputation of your company. Didn’t think a simple review could do all that did you?

The Power of Plumbing Reviews

Before we even begin talking about how our review software for plumbers can help expand your business, we should talk about the inherent power of reviews. Reviews on their own already pack a powerful punch for your business even without the optimization we provide through our review software for plumbers. Take a look at what we mean:

Reviews Help Improve Businesses

Reviews are a rich source of market data. They can tell you how a customer perceived your service and in turn, provide invaluable data for improving upon them. For example, a review that sounds something like “Ace Plumbing was great. They came in, were neat, and fixed my leak. The only thing that was lacking was…” Now at first, you would probably read this and be a bit bummed that you didn’t knock it out of the park. But reviews like these are actually treasure troves of valuable market data. They can show you how to grow a better brand and improve your business.

Reviews Improve Local SEO Ranking

Reviews make up 13% of the signals that help Google determine which results end up in the Local Pack. The more reviews you have for your business, the more Google will trust that you offer value to the community and rank your business in local searches. This is accelerated if your reviews are area-specific. Reviews are a form of organic SEO and they are on the rise in terms of importance in rankings.

Reviews Build Reputations

Reviews are a form of social proof. They let people who have never used your business to read the experiences of people who have. They show people that your business is worth their time and money. And the more positive reviews you have, the more people will flock to your business. Think of a restaurant you have seen in the past that had a line coming out the door and around the corner. You probably thought something along the lines of ‘wow that place must be pretty good.’ That’s social proof and it influences the perceptions and buying habits of other people. Reviews can quickly help you establish a strong reputation in your community if managed properly.

These are just a few of the inherent benefits that customer reviews bring to the table. And all of the aforementioned attributes are great in and of themselves. But what we offer is a way to get even more out of your reviews. It’s sort of like turbo boosting the reviews you already have…

Review Software for Plumbers

Through many experiences, effort, research, and hard work, we have come up with the best review software for plumbers here at Brand Revu. What makes our review software for plumbers the best? Just take a look:

Schema Markup

If you don’t already know, schema markup is one of the many things that index your website on the Google algorithm. It is a code language spoken by Google and other platforms and it tells Google that your website has relevant information to what a user is searching for. Did you know that reviews can be turned into schema markup and microdata? With our software, it can. Our review software for plumbers turns your already valuable reviews into schema markup so that more people will be able to lay eyes on them when they do a local search for plumbers. It puts the good reviews you have worked so hard for on Front Street so to speak and makes them work for you.

Platform Consolidation

Our review software for plumbers will also help you earn more reviews. One of the biggest reasons why people choose not to leave a review even if they have been satisfied by the service is because the process is too complex or time-consuming. With our software, your customers will be able to easily leave a single review across a number of platforms. They will receive a single link where they can leave their review and like magic, it will be visible across multiple review platforms.

Local SEO

Our geolocation plugin can help you target the right local markets. With our review software for plumbers, you can get much more value out of the customer reviews that reference your general service area. We use these reviews to further optimize your service areas and correct any inaccurate location coding. All of this in turn helps you rank higher and more accurately in local searches.

Check-In Service

Check-ins are a powerful tool in local SEO ranking as well. When you go out to a customer’s home or place of business, all you need to do is take a picture of the job site, provide a brief description of the work and then upload it and out software goes to work adding geolocation and schema markup so that your check-ins turn into marketing tools instantly. Online Reputation – By broadcasting your reviews to more outlet platforms, our review software for plumbers can help you build your online reputation quickly than if you were to everything manually. We basically get your reviews, check-ins and content broadcasted to more parts of the internet than other software. It’s a great way to establish, maintain, and even improve the online reputation of your plumbing business.

Growth for your Plumbing Business

One of the things that our clients love the most about our review software for plumbers is that it makes growing their business easier. It’s like having your own personal digital marketing professional at your beck and call at all times. The fact that we emphasize local SEO is what sets our review software for plumbers apart from others. The experts agree, local SEO is essential to the growth of your brick and mortar business and it is only becoming more important. 

All of the aspects of our review software for plumbers add up to more growth for your business. The aforementioned services are only the tip of the iceberg too. Our software can help make managing and even replying to reviews much easier for you. It is geared toward saving you time and automating as much of your marketing efforts as possible. Imagine taking steps toward growing your business while you sleep or while you are enjoying a weekend with your family. That’s essentially what the Brand Revu software can do for you.

BrandRevu: Powerful & Professional Software

We developed our software for contractors of all kinds. We know the challenges you face as a plumbing contractor. We know that you may not have the marketing expertise you need to take your business to the next level. But we have thought of all that for you. Now you can have powerful, professional, and personalized software tailored to your needs as a plumber or plumbing contractor. 

There is so much that our review software for plumbers can do for your business but it all starts by getting in touch with us. We would be glad to help get you started so get in touch with our friendly and professional tame today.

5 Best Review Sites for Contractors (2020 Update)

Best Review Sites for Contractors (Cover)

What are the best review sites for contractors? Having an online presence is essential for doing business in this decade. These days, your business has to be listed on as many pertinent social media network sites and review sites as possible because as we all know by now, the internet is the new source of social proof. People turn to online reviews more and more as opposed to word of mouth suggestions. In fact, according to Inc., approximately 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as suggestions made to them by their friends and family. So which review sites are best? Let’s examine:

1) Google My Business

Google My Business is another topic we have written extensively on because bottom line; it is an extremely relevant review site right now. According to a Bright Local Study, 64% of consumers have used Google My Business to look up and research businesses near them. And that number is continuing to rise in 2020. Google My Business reviews are also extremely important for contractors because they are often one of the first things that people see when they do a local search for contractors. If you live in Mesa, AZ, and look up “contractors in Mesa, AZ” you will more than likely see a list of local contractors along with a Google star rating and some customer reviews.

2) Bing Places for Business

Thought Bing was dead? We don’t blame you. With just a 2.44% market share of the entire search engine market, it would appear that they are on life support. But if you take a look at the entire pool of search engines that are still operating in 2020, you will see that Bing, with its seemingly paltry 2.44% share of all searches is actually second on the list behind only Google. Google dominates the search engine market with an insurmountable 92.54% share of all searches. No one is touching that. But Bing still has a sizeable piece of the pie. Bing Places for Business then becomes a relevant platform for customer reviews. After all, why not have the top 2 search engines in the world covered?

3) Angie’s List

According to Angie’s List’s own records, more than 6 million people use Angie’s List to read reviews and find reliable local contractors on a regular basis. There are a few things that make Angie’s List one of the best review sites for contractors still in 2020. The first thing is that they specialize in home and commercial improvement services. They began with plumbers, carpenters, roofers, and the like and have expanded to include medical services and more. But they still have a natural leaning towards contractors. That is what they are known for and that is what most people who use Angie’s List go to find. The second great thing about Angie’s List for contractors is that you don’t have to be a member to leave a review. Some people don’t leave reviews because the sign-up process is too time-consuming or difficult. But with Angie’s List, you don’t have to sign up to leave a review which means, more customer reviews. Lastly, Angie’s List verifies their reviews so you don’t have to worry about getting a bad review from someone who you have never even worked for.

4) HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor is another review website that made our list because it was specifically built for the home improvement service industry. It was founded way back in 1998 under the name ServiceMagic. But since then, it has garnered more than 25 million users across the nation, undergone a name changed and was actually acquired by Angie’s List. HomeAdvisor offers contractors a platform on which they can advertise their services to local customers but more importantly; provides a review platform for consumers. HomeAdvisor is a nationally recognized website specifically for home improvement projects so it is a must for contractors in 2020.

5) Yelp

Yelp makes our list because of the nature of the reviews that are typically left on the site. If you are a contractor that takes pride in your work, Yelp will be your best friend. That’s because Yelp users are encouraged to leave lengthy and detailed messages about their experiences. So if you do a great job patching someone’s drywall or painting the exterior of their house, they are likely to leave an in-depth review that will really help someone else understand why you are good at what you do. It’s like free advertising. But keep in mind, if you do shoddy work, a customer is also highly likely to leave a detailed Yelp review of all the negative aspects of your service. And Yelp is massively popular. According to Review Trackers, Yelp users generate more than 171 million reviews every year. On top of that, Yelp gets over 178 million visitors to its site every month. The community is robust and the reviews can be a huge boon to your contractor business.

The BrandRevu Solution

Reviews are massively important in 2020. Are you getting enough reviews? Are the reviews you do have working to generate more reviews and grow your business? Having trouble managing all your reviews? Here at BrandRevu, we can help you overcome these challenges with our innovative review software that helps you get the most from your reviews, get more reviews, and makes it easy to manage reviews across all platforms.

Get More Reviews With These 9 Review Acquisition Tips

Review Acquisition Tips (Cover)

Getting customers to leave reviews of your business has never been more important to success. In an age where people are turning towards self-guided business research, customer reviews shed the most telling light on your business. And potential customers are paying attention to customer reviews. They value the input of someone who has experienced your product or service over your own advertising efforts and even the endorsements of other professionals in the field.

To put an exact number on it, RevLocal states that 91% of people trust online. That’s a huge portion of the consumer pool. Furthermore, 86% of consumers report that online reviews affect their purchasing decisions. 

Have we hammered the point home enough? To reiterate; reviews are important. Vastly important! But how do you get more reviews for your business? As mentioned a bit earlier, satisfied customers are actually less likely to leave a good review than customers who have something bad to say about your business. Galvanizing your happy customers into a small army of marketing outlets takes some practice and discipline. And we have gathered some of the best tips for getting more business reviews from your customers to help you get started.

1) Cast a Wide Net

Reviews are still a numbers game. The more business profiles you have set up the more people will see reviews for your business. If you have a Google My Business profile set up, that’s a great start. But don’t rest on your laurels. Take an hour or two to set up profiles on multiple review websites like Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, Citysearch, and other such websites. If a consumer sees your business across multiple review platforms, they will feel more comfortable about deciding on your product or service. Remember, transparency is important.

2) The Good Ole’ Fashioned Way

The most effective method for acquiring reviews is still to simply ask. As we read in this BrightLocal article, 68% of consumers will leave a review if they have been asked. But it’s not good enough to ask every patron who walks through your doors. These days you have to personalize your requests. Try sending a personalized video to your patrons, thanking them for their patronage, and asking them to leave a review. This is a good way to build rapport with your customers. It will also make them more inclined to comply with your request since they will be able to put a face to the request – it’s easy to simply delete an email asking for a review.

3) Specify Your Requests

People are more likely to leave a review for a specific transaction or interaction they recently had with your business as opposed to a general review. For example, if a repeat customer has just bought some new merchandise from your online store, hit them with a review request of their last purchase. Or if someone is using your service online, send them a follow-up email with a link to leave a review. It basically boils down to this principle: people will be more inclined to review a specific experience than a general impression. You won’t get many results if you simply say “hey, what do you think of my business?” You will, however, incentivize your customers into leaving a review of you to say, “how did you like that shirt you bought from us?”

4) Respond to Reviews

Another great way to get more reviews is to perpetuate the conversation. This means responding to your customers’ reviews of your business. In another statistic provided by BrightLocal, we learn that 89% of consumers look for and read a business’s response to customer reviews. Responding to reviews shows that you care about the customer experience and that you are willing to engage. This will make current customers more likely to leave another review and show potential customers that their future input will be valued. People really relish hearing from the owner of a business that they like. Creating a culture of engagement and interaction can work wonders for your review prospects.

5) Stay Human

People are a lot more empathetic than you probably think – especially if they like your business. Therefore, reminding your customers that reviews are important to the success of small and local businesses is an important way to get more reviews. A lot of customers simply don’t think their opinions matter. Letting them know that a simple review would help out a great deal is a great way to inspire empathy and get your customers to leave a review. This is the human approach to getting more reviews. It is your opportunity to remind your customers that there is a person behind the business. Also, let your customers know that their review helps other customers learn what they liked and even disliked about your business.

6) Make the Review Process Easy

No one wants to take a lot of time out of their busy schedule to leave a review. That’s why, if you intend to get more reviews, you have to make the process as easy as possible for them. Provide them with direct links in an email drip campaign. Place QR codes around your place of business and on your products that lead directly to a review submission page so your customers can simply scan and leave a review. Another great way to make it easy for your customers is to simply write part of the review for them. When you feel you have a happy customer on your hands, be sure you have a positive review template that they can either just sign off on or add a few words to.

7) Encourage Reviews

Don’t incentivize reviews because it’s against the guidelines and could lead to your listing being suspended. However, you can encourage people to leave reviews by making the process extremely simple. By using automatic SMS and email reminders from BrandRevu, you can ensure they don’t forget to leave a review, and that they can do so with just a couple of clicks. Most consumers are open to leave a review but the process is too hard and takes too much time. Make sure that’s not their excuse by making it easy.

8) Employee Rewards

Getting more reviews is a team effort. If you try to get reviews on your own, you won’t have very good results. That’s why it’s a good idea to train your employees to gently encourage the customers they interact with to leave reviews. You can even incentivize your employees as well. Start an employee rewards program in which employees are given a gift or recognition for every review they garner.

9) Automate Review Requests

Lastly, one of the easiest and most effective ways to get more reviews is to automate the process. Personal requests, face-to-face interaction, and even video requests are great but sometimes you simply won’t have the time. Review acquisition services like HubSpot are a great way to launch email campaigns specifically to get more reviews and take the task out of your busy hands. It lacks the personal touch that is typically more effective, but it’s an effortless way to cast a wider net

Success Through Reviews

Consumers trust online reviews because they think like consumers. They know that as a consumer, they are much less likely to leave a favorable review for a business than they are to leave a negative review. So if they see a business that has a lot of positive reviews online, it is a signal to them that the business is doing something really right. 

People also trust businesses with a lot of online reviews (negative or positive) because it signifies transparency. While you don’t want to rack up a bunch of negative reviews, you’re not going to be able to please everyone. Most consumers understand that and empathize. But it is far worse to have no reviews. The bottom line is that most people won’t even give your business the time of day if they see you have no customer reviews. It tells them that you are either unprofessional, have something to hide, or are simply not keeping up with the times. 

Customer reviews can make or break your business in the modern market. But you have to start with getting any kind of reviews you can. It’s akin to that modern financial adage that says “bad credit is worse than no credit at all.”

Getting started is often the most difficult part. If you are ready to reach new heights of success through reviews, reputation management, organic web ranking, and other forms of digital marketing, we can help. We are BrandRevu, and we can not only help you get more reviews but turn those reviews into a brand that people know and trust.  We offer a number of services for your business and can personalize your marketing efforts. So give us a call and find out how we can grow your business.  

5 Reasons Why Customers Leave Bad Reviews

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As a business owner, you have probably tried to get inside the head of your customers. You want to understand what motivates their purchasing choices and what they look for in a product or service. Customer reviews are a great resource for market research. They allow your customers a forum to share their experiences with you and other consumers. In fact, if written in detail, even bad reviews can be beneficial for your business because they can show you which areas you can improve in.

But what makes a customer want to leave a bad review in the first place? What makes them take the time out of their day to let you and others know they were unsatisfied with your business? In today’s post we are going to be talking about the motivations of consumers and why customers leave bad reviews. But before we conduct any psychological spelunking into the caverns of the consumer psyche, it’s important to understand a few basic facts…

What Percentage of Customers Leave Reviews?

How invested is the average consumer in the customer experience? According to a study conducted by Search Engine Land, approximately 50% of customers who are asked to leave a review will actually do so. This is an important statistic to know because it will give you an idea of how many reviews you can expect from your client base. 

Of this pool of around 50% of your customers, you have to assume that not all of them will be positive reviews. Why make this assumption you ask? Because customers are 21% more likely to take the time to leave a bad review for a business than a good one. For whatever reason, a negative experience with your business is more likely to elicit a review than a positive experience. 

But it’s important to note that negative reviews are not the end of the world. As we have already stated, negative reviews at least provide you with valuable market research material. And at best, they afford you a reputation management opportunity in which you can address the bad review head on and show your customers and potential customers that you care about their experience.

Reasons Customers Leave Bad Reviews

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter – why customers leave bad reviews. There are a number of reasons that range from the altruistic to the downright vindictive. Here are some of the most important reasons why customers leave bad reviews:

1 – Let’s start with an altruistic reason for bad reviews. People leave bad reviews sometimes to save other consumers from the same experience. Believe it or not, there are still people out there who have the good of the population in mind. When one of these good Samaritans feel that a business is not worth the time and money of their fellow consumers, they will let them know. These people leave bad reviews so that others will know to avoid a business.

2 – Another reason why customers leave bad reviews is that they feel it is their last resort. When a customer feels that they have been wronged by business and don’t get the results they want by contacting the managers and higher-ups, they tend to take to the internet. This is when customers blast businesses for poor customer service and conflict resolution. They leave bad reviews because they don’t get the results they want in their interactions (either in person, over the phone, or online) with the business.

3 – Let’s continue to acknowledge those altruistic consumers shall we? There is another major reason why customers leave bad reviews that has nothing to do with compensation or venting or anything like that. Some people leave bad reviews because they truly want you to make a change for the better. These people tend to leave generally negative but even-handed reviews. They will usually complement you for or acknowledge some aspect of your business that they liked but then show you where it came up short. They do this because they see potential in your business and actually want it to be a one they can patronize regularly.

4 – Some customers will leave a bad review of a business to open up a dialogue. They want you to actually reply to their review so that they can further voice their opinion. Sometimes people want to hear back from you to offer compensation. But there are also people who just want to hear an apology or simply want their bad experience to be acknowledged by the business. 

5 – Lastly, some people just want to tarnish your online reputation. Sometimes they feel truly wronged by your business but sometimes people just feel like being spiteful. These people don’t want a response, they aren’t in it to help fellow consumers; they just want to do what they can to ruin the image of your business.

How Much Does a Bad Review Cost?

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why a customer would leave a bad review. But what kind of damage can a bad review actually do? It is estimated that a 1-star review will cause 1 in 10 consumers to look elsewhere. If your business gets an average of 500 customers a month a bad review can cost you a tenth of those customers. In the case of a 500 customer a month business, that’s 50 customers every month that you could lose from having a bad review.

It sounds grim we know but the good news is that there are effective ways to deal with a bad review. In fact, you should prioritize every bad review you get as an opportunity to win more customers. Replying to negative reviews in a diplomatic and attentive manner is the first and most important way to deal with bad reviews. For more help with online reviews and reputation management in general, contact us here at BrandRevu.

It can’t be helped. No matter how hard you have worked to provide an excellent customer experience, bad reviews are inevitable. That’s because there are a wide variety of reasons why customers leave bad reviews. Some of them don’t really have anything to do with your product or service. And while you should take negative reviews seriously, there comes a point where you just have to switch into reputation management protocol. 

Again, when you get a bad review, you should ask yourself what you can do to improve your business so you don’t get bad reviews in the first place. But you have probably wondered to yourself whether or not you can remove negative Google reviews. In today’s post we will be answering this question. We will also go over some important topics related to bad reviews to help you better manage your online reputation. 

Can You Take Down A Bad Google Review Yourself?

The answer to this question is no. Being able to do so would compromise the integrity of Google reviews in the first place. If Google did allow you to remove negative reviews, every business would have a perfect reputation regardless of whether they earned it or not. 

In fact, the only way you would be able to take down a negative review from your Google profile is if the review is in violation of the Google terms of service. In this case, you would be able to contact Google support and request that the review be removed on the grounds that the review violates the terms of service.

Other than that, you are stuck with a bad Google review. But that is not the end of the story. Just because you get a bad review on Google, doesn’t mean your business will be ruined. There are plenty of ways to successfully deal with bad reviews and turn them into success stories.

The Impact of a Bad Review

Make no mistake about it; reviews can make or break your business. There is a wealth of statistical data to back up this assertion to. For instance, Inc conducted a great consumer survey and in it, they found that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a word of mouth referrals. Podium also reports that 93% of their survey repliers reported that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. The statistics go on and on like this.

But who cares, right? I mean, how much does a bad review cost at the end of the day? Can’t be much, right? How can a few words affect your bottom line? The answer to that question is by about a tenth. That’s right, a single 1-star review can drive away 1 out of every 10 of your potential customers. And a whopping 94% of consumers have reported that a negative review has caused them to avoid a business.

Now that you know how impactful bad reviews can be, it is important to learn what you can do about them.

How to Properly Manage Bad Reviews

Since you can’t remove negative Google reviews, you should be prepared to manage them. Here are a few ways you can turn bad reviews into successes:

  • Be Responsive – The first thing you should do when you notice a bad review is to respond to it. Apologize for the negative experience, explain that their business is important to you, and ask how you can make things right. Replying to bad reviews is one of the most effective ways to turn reviews into marketing tools. 89% of consumers read business responses to reviews. When others see that you reply to reviews, they perceive your company as one that cares about the customer experience.
  • Bury the Problem – Reputation management may be the only arena of life in which it actually pays to bury your problems. One effective way to deal with bad reviews is simply to have a lot more positive reviews to outweigh them. If you get a bad review, consider ramping up your review acquisition efforts to elicit more positive reviews from customers. The fact is that everyone expects at least a few bad reviews of a business and consumers are willing to overlook them – but only if there are plenty of good reviews to temper the bad ones.
  • Be Ready – Bad reviews can be taken down by the author so be ready to help customers when if they ask ‘how do you remove a bad Google review?’ If you have made amends with a negative reviewer, they may want to take down their bad review. Teach yourself how to remove reviews so you can show the jilted customers you have won over.

How Reviews Impact Your Bottom Line Business

If you are concerned with how reviews affect the public’s perception of your business we’re here to tell you that you have reason to be. Online reviews have huge a huge impact on how your business is viewed by potential customers and will, therefore, affect your sales. 

Reputation management has become an important point of emphasis even for small businesses. That’s because, in the digital age, even your small business is globally visible. To help you understand the importance of reviews and how reviews impact your bottom line, we have composed this post that demonstrates with statistical data just how vital this aspect of your business is.

How Much do Reviews Matter?

The short answer is a lot. There are a ton of reasons why reviews matter so much but one of the most important ones is that people simply don’t trust advertising anymore. In a study conducted by Inc, it was found that a staggering 96% of consumers no longer think that traditional ads are believable. So where are they turning to for consumer information?

If you have been paying even the slightest bit of attention so far, you know the answer to that question is online reviews. Bright Local ran a very telling survey. In it, they found that 93% of consumers between the ages of 35 and 54 always read online reviews before making a purchasing decision.

More and more consumers are turning to reviews to find out if a business is worth their time and money or not. It stands to reason then, that positive reviews can help your business thrive. But what do negative reviews do to your business?

How do Negative Reviews Impact a Business?

Again, the short answer is a lot. Since online reviews are the new social proof, a negative review written by a stranger can make your business seem untrustworthy to a consumer. In another Bright Local study, we learn that 47% of consumers would not patronize a business if it has less than a 4-star rating. Businesses can stand to lose 70% of potential customers if they have negative reviews on their Google My Business profiles.

These are alarming figures but you may not be able to see the link between your business’s reviews and your bottom line. For that we refer you to the next section…

How do Online Reviews Influence Sales?

To start with, you need to have reviews in order to do business in the modern world. Linkedin drives this point home nicely. In an article, they recount the experience of a retailer who displayed 5 reviews of a product. The result of displaying these reviews was a 270% jump in sales likelihood when compared with products that have no reviews. 

In the same Bright Local survey we referenced earlier, it was also found that 70% of customers prefer to read at least 4 reviews before they feel they can comfortably make a purchasing decision. The bottom line is that you need reviews in the first place. It’s sort of like that credit adage, “bad credit is worse than having no credit at all.” 

People turn to reviews for research to inform their purchasing decision. If you have no research (reviews) to provide, you have no chance of making a sale.

And even negative reviews may not necessarily affect sales in a bad way. In fact, the research provided by Revoo indicates that interacting with a negative review (replying to negative customer feedback) can actually lead to a 67% boost in conversion rates. This is because people value businesses that care about the customer experience and try to do right by customers who are dissatisfied.

So it becomes critically important to have reviews if you want to see any significant sales and conversion rates.

The Bottom Line for Roofing Companies

It’s all about the bottom line, right? There is a definitive correlation between online reviews and how much money you stand to make (or lose) in your business. First, the negative: a single bad review can cause you to lose out on 1 out of every 10 potential customers. That’s a tenth of your business you can kiss goodbye to!

Now the positive: just having one review of your business can boost conversion rates by 10%! And to drive the point home, RevLocal also informs us that having 100 reviews of your business can boost conversion rates by 37%. 

By now you probably have a clear picture of how reviews impact your bottom line. And if you would like to leverage reviews for the benefit of your business, you need to use the review software we have developed here at BrandRevu.

How to Make a “Review us on Google” Badge on Your Website

How To Make a "Review Us on Google" Badge for Website (Cover)

By now, you probably already know how important reviews are to your business. Whether you are a dentist, florist, or own a concrete contracting company, you simply need customer reviews to thrive in today’s market. Getting people to leave reviews is half the battle. And since the majority of consumers are actually willing to leave a review if politely asked, some would say that getting people to leave a review is actually the easier half of the battle.

The other half is making the avenue through which customers can actually write a review for your business is accessible as possible. In other words, you need to make it as simple as possible for people to be able to leave a review for your business. 

In the following post, we will explore a couple of avenues for making the review process as easy as possible for your customers. 

Add a “Review us on Google” Badge

First up is a tried and true method that makes it ridiculously easy for people to leave a review on your Google My Business profile. If you haven’t already set up a profile on Google My Business, you are going to want to do that as soon as humanly possible. 

A review us on Google badge is essentially a stylized little button that you can place anywhere on your website. When people click on this badge, they will be led directly to the page on which they can leave a review for your business. (Please note that customers will need a Gmail account in order to leave reviews on this platform.)

To place a Review us on Google badge on your website, you will need a bit of basic HTML coding knowledge. You can embed a simple code that will display a text link on your website and link the viewer directly to the review page. That code is:

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<p>&lt;a class=”review-btn” href=”your google review link here”&gt;Leave us a Review&lt;/a&gt;&lt;style&gt;.review-btn {</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<p>padding:8px 20px;</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

Simply replace the code that reads  “your google review link here” with the text that you actually want to be displayed on your website.

If you want the actual stylized badge complete with logo, you will need to use the following code:

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<p>&lt;!-- BEGIN GCR Badge Code --&gt;</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<p>&lt;script src=""</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;async defer&gt;</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;window.renderBadge = function() {</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;var ratingBadgeContainer = document.createElement("div");</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;window.gapi.load('ratingbadge', function() {</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;ratingBadgeContainer, {</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;// REQUIRED</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"merchant_id": MERCHANT_ID,</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;// OPTIONAL</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"position": "POSITION"</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->
<p>&lt;!-- END GCR Badge Code --&gt;</p>
<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

In order to customize the placement of your badge, you replace the “POSITION” code with “BOTTOM_LEFT” or “BOTTOM_RIGHT”.

Please note that in order for the badge to display properly, your webpage will have to be using DOCTYPE5. In order to update your DOCTYPE, you can add the code <!DOCTYPE html> to the first line item in the HTML code of your page. You can read a full description of the process here.

Get a Google Review URL

Secondly, you can simply copy a link to the Google review page for your customers. All you have to do to acquire this link is:

  • Navigate to your Google My Business dashboard and click the “Info” tab.
  • Under the “Info” tab, click on “Profile Short Name”
  • Provide a short name for Google to use in the provided field and then click “Apply”
  • Next, navigate to the “Home” tab of your GMB profile and click on the “Get More Reviews” card
  • Copy the link provided and send it to as many customers as you like

Why is it So Important for Customers to Leave Google Reviews?

You may be asking yourself why you should go through all the trouble of making it easy for your customers to leave a review on your GMB page. The answer to that question is that Google is becoming an all-important source for consumer information. More than 60% of consumers now look to Google for customer reviews. And Google and Facebook are now the 2 top used sources for customer reviews. More of the market is now looking to Google to validate business credibility so you need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to help you establish that credibility with good reviews.

How do I Add Reviews to My Website?

You may also want to display some of your shining reviews directly on your company’s website. If so, we salute you. You are thinking like a true marketing wiz. Adding reviews to your website is a great way to include unique content and establish yourself as an authority in your respective field. 

And one of the best ways to add reviews to your website is by using the Brand Revu widget. Our innovate review widget plainly and cleanly displays reviews from all different platforms (including Google) right where you want them to be displayed on your website. 

We hope you have found this post helpful and that you understand how important reviews are to your company in general. Here at BrandRevu, we strive to provide you with everything you need to help your company thrive. Our software can help you consolidate review platforms, help you earn more reviews, and improve your company’s online presence and reputation. Get in touch with us here at BrandRevu very soon!

How to Use Email Marketing to Get More Google Reviews

Ask for Google Review in Email (Cover)

You have worked hard to provide an excellent customer experience. You treat your customers right, provide a professional service or product and are locally competitive. So what now? How do you leverage the pleasant experience you are providing to your customers into more sales and conversions? 

One of the most important assets for the growth of your business is reviews. And in particular, Google reviews. More and more people are turning to Google reviews to research local businesses. This is due in part because Google makes it too easy to find reviews on your business in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). If your business is registered with Google My Business and someone does a search for it or a related field, your GMB profile will likely be at the top of the page.

In fact, Google is now among the top 2 sources for online reviews on the internet. That’s huge because there are entire sites devoted to nothing but customer review content that people are shying away from in favor of Google.

In the following post, we want to answer some burning questions related to reviews in general as well as the all-important question: how to as for a Google review in an email. Let’s start with some more general topics.

How are Reviews Good for SEO?

Reviews not only tell a prospective customer whether or not your business is trustworthy, but they can also be a huge boon for your SEO efforts. Good reviews help improve the visibility of your business on the Google search platform. In fact, review signals make up 13% of what Google uses to index websites on SERPs. And while 14% doesn’t sound like a whole lot, consider the fact that the highest portion of the search engine pie only takes 19%.

Reviews are a huge signal to Google. They also represent unique content that can be used on your website. Unique and helpful content is a goldmine in terms of Google searches. So the more good reviews you have, the more optimized your site will be in the Google algorithm. 

Which Customers Should you Ask Reviews From?

Before you fire off a template email asking all of your customers for a review, consider their customer experience. Essentially, you are going to want to ask for reviews from people who have been pleased with your service. That’s a no brainer. You don’t want to ask a customer who is visibly upset for a review of your business. But there is more to the request process than simply asking happy customers for reviews.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to leave a review directly following service or purchase. In other words, you should ask people that you have just serviced as opposed to someone who hired you two weeks ago. When the experience is fresh in the customer’s mind, he or she will be much more likely to leave a positive review.

How to Ask for A Google Review in an Email

Email marketing is a great way to earn more reviews for your business. Sending out emails within a week after purchase is the best way to increase your response rate. It has also been recommended that you send these emails out on a Saturday. 

In any case, you should be following up with your customers via email in order to get more Google reviews. You can include a link to your Google Review page in the emails that you send out in your campaign to make the process as easy as possible for the customer and increase response rates.

But how do you go about composing an email template to send out to your customers? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Make it Human – While it is probably unfeasible for you to compose an individual email for each of your customers, if you do use a template, try to make it as personal as possible. Be sure to include the name of your customer and if you can, make mention of the service or product they purchased from you.
  • Keep it Concise – No one wants to read an essay that results in “review my business please.” So keep your emails short and to the point.
  • Stress Importance – Make sure you let the customer knows how important Google reviews are to your business.
  • Be Grateful – Thank the customer for their patronage early on in the email. Be sure to let them know that their business is greatly appreciated.
  • Be Diplomatic – Remind the customer that leaving a review is an opportunity for them to have their voice heard and share their opinion (good or bad) to help other consumers make the right choice.

For more useful information on Google reviews and other marketing services, contact us here at BrandRevu.