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SEO is Dead: Here’s Why You’re Wrong About SEO’s Demise

SEO is Dead (Blog Cover)

Is SEO dead? Have things changed so much that SEO is not the best digital marketing solution to grow a business? The answer to this question is multi-faceted and deserves your full attention. 

Because as a business trying to garner as much consumer attention as possible, you need to make sure that you are placing your investments in the right avenues. And there is a lot of talks these days about whether SEO is still relevant. 

Here at BrandREVU, we’re going to go ahead and give you the answer. We don’t want to string anyone along. Is SEO important anymore? The answer is yes. But it’s important to note that SEO is not the same thing it was in 2015.

Many people believe that SEO is dead, but the truth is that it has just evolved. The old way of doing SEO is dead. Old tactics don’t work anymore. Why? Because search engines frequently change their algorithm and indexing criteria. 

So it’s only natural to consider SEO as an ever-changing tactic. If it were to stay the same – that is to say, if older tactics didn’t become obsolete to give way to new ones – it would indeed be a dead platform. In short, the old SEO is, in fact, dead. But SEO renews itself frequently to keep up with trends and algorithm changes.

Why do People Think SEO is Dead?

If you aren’t on the front lines of digital marketing and SEO, it’s easy to assume that SEO is dead. But those in the loop know better. In the following section, we will detail the specific aspects of SEO that make people think it’s an obsolete marketing method. But before we do, we wanted to note that all the following points stem from the same general one: people think SEO is dead because they are only looking at older, obsolete SEO practices.

1) Keyword Cramming

Have you been upon your keyword research as of late? You probably feel confident that you are targeting the best search phrases for your business. But if you are still keyword cramming, no amount of good research is going to save you. That’s because search engines are catching on to tactics like these that they regard as cheap. Instead, they make bots smarter and more capable of differentiating quality content from content that is just trying to manipulate the system. 

2) Market Saturation

From the days of the first banner ads garnering massive click-through numbers to modern SEO, mediums get saturated. Now banner ads have a meager click through rates. Many people see a drop in click-through rates using dated SEO practices and assume that it’s dead. The reality is that more people are using the same methods, which is leading to market saturation and drops in CTR’s across the board. Each year, new digital marketing agencies launch their own business. However, a saturated market doesn’t mean that SEO is dead. After all, how many banner ads do you still see on an hourly basis?

3) Emphasis on Content

Gone are the days of sensationalized page titles and headlines. Well, at least almost gone. Some people think SEO is dead because search engines are getting more particular about what they consider quality content. Recently published core changes reveal that your headlines and your content must be relevant. It must be authoritative, and it must provide some value to the reader. Sales content won’t cut it anymore. But what people are failing to realize is that SEO isn’t all about sales content.

4) Google is Answering Questions

Remember when you used to go to or a similar site to check the local weather? Your grandma may still do that, but most people type in a localized weather search on Google. And while the top result may include a rich snippet from a site like, all the information you need is right there in the rich snippet on the first result page. No need to make another click onto a specific site. The zero-click search (people never leaving Google after searching) is another reason why some people assume SEO is dead.

5) People Don’t Trust Ads

A survey showed that modern digital consumers prefer to find out about a product, business, or service through engaging, interesting, entertaining, or informative content instead of ads. Inbound content represents a shift away from traditional advertising towards content marketing – an emerging and vastly effective arm of SEO. In the old days, SEO tactics were largely sales-oriented. And from multi-national conglomerates to the mom and pop store down the street, people are catching onto the fact that people resent aggressive, pressure-inducing sales tactics. But again, this speaks of a shift in SEO emphasis more than it does the irrelevance of SEO altogether.

6) The Emergence of Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed the face of SEO because it is becoming an indexing hotbed for the top search engines. Bing and Google pool from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to present search results to users. Modern-day SEO isn’t just about optimizing your website; it’s also very much about off-site optimization. Marketers and businesses can apply many of the same methods of on-site SEO to social media marketing.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Is SEO dead? No, it’s still very much alive. Dead things don’t change and evolve, which means that SEO is not over. Instead, search optimization is adapting to keep up with the times. Believing that SEO is gone is equivalent to having a very narrow scope of what SEO is. Over the years, SEO has spawned branches of itself and now encompasses many digital marketing categories like reputation management. And that is something we know a lot about here at BrandREVU. If you have any questions about SEO or how reputation management can benefit your business, talk to us. 

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Why Agencies Should Consider White Label Services in 2021

White Label Services

White labeling is a term that only in recent years has gained notoriety. With the advent of digital marketing, it has entered the industry’s lexicon’s proscenium more or less. Because of this, many people have the misconception that white label services are a recent thing. 

But the exact opposite is true. White labeling has been around for at least decades. But before we delve into history, let’s start with the basics: what is white label service? In very general terms, white-label service is when one company offers a product or service to another company for the sake of passing it on to their clients as their product or service. 

Here’s a practical example. If you have ever been to Costco and seen or purchased anything from their in-house brand Kirkland, you know what white label service is. Costco doesn’t produce anything of their own. 

Instead, they work with established producers and license their products under the Kirkland brand. In essence, they make use of other people’s products and re-label them as their own. That’s white-label service in a nutshell. 

White Label Service and Digital Marketing

White labeling experienced something of a resurgence with the digital marketing boom. Many agencies were trying to get in on the ground floor as fast as they could but, being newbies, there were services that they didn’t even know how to begin offering. 

So they became white label companies that enlisted the products and services of specialized companies to offer more to their clients. For instance, if you have no experience with PPC advertising, you may still be able to provide that service to your clients through white-label service. 

White labeling is usually implemented by companies that are ready to offer digital marketing services on the front end (dealing directly with customers, taking payments, writing up invoices, etc.) The company that provides the white label services is usually more concerned with the product or service and not customer acquisition.

So how does white label digital marketing work? As you can imagine, white label digital marketing rebrands services instead of physical products. One marketing agency may enlist the white label service of another company – for instance, content marketing – and pass it off to their clients as their own. 

Typically, the end client has no idea that the service they just paid came from a company other than the one they are doing business with. The anonymous company providing the service gets paid by the white labeling company, and everyone’s happy. 

Why White Label?

At this point, you may be asking yourself why any company would offer its services anonymously? Why not only cut out the middle man and offer your services directly to the client? It’s not that simple for a lot of companies. 

Building your label (private label) can be very difficult in digital marketing. Doing so takes a lot of time and effort in and of itself. So while you are focusing on crafting your services the best you can, you still have to worry about advertising, customer acquisition, and branding. 

There is also the matter of distribution outlets. A company may not have access to as many clients as a white labeling company has. In this sense, the company that provides the services benefits from the white labeling company’s established clientele – meaning more money than they would have made independently. 

Many companies are merely interested in B2B transactions to focus on their product or service and not have to worry about front-end operations. In the end, it can be a very lucrative and symbiotic relationship for all parties involved.

Advantages of White Labeling for your Agency

We’ve talked about how white labeling works in digital marketing and how the provider can benefit, but why should your agency use white label services? There are a lot of reasons, but here are some of the most compelling:

  • In-House Hiring: In general, it is much less expensive to enlist an outside provider’s services than to hire an in-house team for something like social media marketing. If you don’t have the infrastructure or the in-house personnel to offer a service that you know would boost sales, white labeling is a cost-effective strategy. 
  • Flexibility: White labeling marketing services allow you to determine which services are the best in the industry. By investing in your team, you run the risk of developing a service that, in the end, isn’t all that great. Or, at the very least, it may not be the best in the industry. But when you white label service, you can see how it performs and change the provider if you need to. 
  • Saves Time: Working with a white label agency can save you a lot of time too. Without having to recruit an in-house team, commit human resources to R&D, and develop new services, you will be free to concentrate on matters more critical to your business. White label agencies can work under your brand and lend their established expertise, personnel, and resources.
  • Expert Personnel: One big problem that agencies face when the white label arises when the client wants to talk shop. But if you white-labeled someone else’s email marketing service, you may be out of your depth. Some white label agencies will provide personnel that can speak with your clients about services on your behalf. 

White Label Reputation Management Software

BrandREVU is a rare white labeling option for digital marketing agencies. Since it’s the only software of it’s kind, every agency in the world wants it. BrandREVU is the only white-label tool that allows agencies to distribute check-in software to their clients. Since local SEO is fundamental to agency success, there’s very little reason why BrandREVU won’t be part of every successful agency in the world by 2023. Unlike other reputation management platforms, BrandREVU does more than increase review frequency and engagement. It serves as a local SEO engine for your clients.  

It’s All About Profits

In the end, white labeling can save and make you a ton of money. Whether your agency is just starting or you are established but want to offer more to increase revenue, white labeling will increase your profits. Here at BrandREVU, we can lend you our expertise in reputation management, content marketing, and organic ranking so you can offer real results to your clients and drive your sales. Get started today.

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5 Reasons Agencies Need Reputation Management Software

Reasons Agencies Need Reputation Management Software

There are several reputation management tools available to SEO agencies, and yet some companies question whether they need to invest in one of them. Their skepticism is understandable because it can be a fine line between enhancing client campaigns and rendering your services useless. As aspects of digital marketing become more automated (including reputation management), agencies’ role comes into question. Luckily, there is reputation management software made specifically for agencies. Here are five reasons agencies need to incorporate software into their services:

1) Increase Efficiency

Running an agency is a tall task. Many companies have dozens of clients, and keeping track of each campaign becomes strenuous. Reputation management software like BrandREVU can streamline both review generation and local SEO under a single dashboard. Boosting client campaigns while reducing employee responsibilities opens up resources for more detail-oriented tasks.

2) Retain Clients

SEO agencies understand that client turnover is rampant. Why? Because most agencies can’t keep everyone happy. Furthermore, some clients may look at SEO as a temporary fix and end their relationship with the agency after ranking specific keywords (typically after two years). While companies will advise against this, most clients ignore their request and cancel anyway. Using BrandREVU software ensures the customer requires your services to maintain ranking.

3) Boost Rankings

It may seem like a no-brainer, but with more SEO companies competing for clients, it takes more to boost rankings. Agencies need software like BrandREVU to help their clients rank higher on Google Maps and organic. The truth is that Google pulls keywords from reviews, GMB posts, and job site check-ins, and BrandREVU is the only one that delivers on all three.

4) White Label

The primary reason agencies hesitate to invest in 3rd party software is branding concerns. What will clients think if they see another brand helping them produce more reviews and rank higher on search? The good news is that agencies can white label software like BrandREVU so that customers think the software is coming directly from their agency. You get to use your logo and help consumers believe you have everything they need.

5) Upsells

Agencies are continually looking to separate themselves from competitors and earn clients residual payments. Upsells help agencies make more quarterly and yearly to hire more employees and gain a more significant profit. The best way to upsell is to provide what label value from software like BrandREVU. By partnering with reputation management software, you can net a profit on each sale and keep customers happy in the process.

Why BrandREVU is The Only Choice for Agencies

While some reputation management software offers white labeling, none offer check-ins, which separates BrandREVU from all competitors. Clients’ ability to check-in at each job provides signaling for both Google Maps and Google Search, the first software to achieve both. The best part is that once clients leave your agency, all of their content gets pulled from the website. They can’t maintain excellent rankings without paying monthly for the service. Call BrandREVU today at 800-775-1250 to learn more.

6 Ways User Generated Content Helps SEO

User Generated Content

The effect that user generated content has on your SEO rankings can be over-simplified with a single statement: people trust their peers more than companies. Of course, we will explain this phenomenon in greater detail and how it affects SEO but for now, think about that broad statement. 

Consider the following statistic: 84% of millennials report that they don’t trust traditional advertising techniques. We have an emerging market becoming increasingly unaffected by conventional advertising methods and a tendency towards peers’ views and opinions. You may be able to see where we are going with this but allow BrandREVU to thoroughly examine the basics.

What Does User Generated Content Mean?

User generated content encompasses many things, but the basic tenet is that it must be created and submitted by willing consumers/users. So every review you read on Yelp is an example of user generated content. Every video you watch on YouTube is an example of user generated content. Any text, image, review, video, tweet, or social media post created by someone not affiliated with a particular organization or company is an example of user generated content.

Why is User Generated Content so Important?

Now we can graduate as to why UGC is so influential and how it benefits your SEO. Here are the pivotal ways by which user generated content is a boon to SEO:

1) Improves Machine and Human Indexing 

Google uses several methods to execute and supplement their algorithm. First of all, they use web crawlers to scan automatically and index websites with relevant search criteria. But apart from that, they use actual human testers to confirm the authenticity and validity of individual websites. One thing that both human and machine testers look for are reviews. Reviews are most certainly user generated content, and they can help improve your SEO rankings by allowing Google to index your website more easily. And as Instore puts it, Google will reward your site with higher visibility if it includes customer-generated reviews. 

2) It’s Sustainable

Not only is UGC a more trusted form of an endorsement, but it is more sustainable. If you have an excellent UGC strategy in place, you don’t have to do very much in the way of advertising. Because UGC is in itself an effective way of advertising and marketing your business, using it means that you will have to dedicated fewer of your resources and less of your time to marketing and advertising. When you have an excellent UGC machine rolling (reviews, reposts, blog comments, etc.), it runs itself, and you can spend more time and energy on other aspects of your SEO strategy. 

3) Builds Brand Trust

The stat about millennials shying away from conventional ads that we opened this post with is hugely relevant to the importance of user generated content. If the up-and-coming generation doesn’t trust advertisers, who do they trust? Millennials trust user generated content 50% more than brand-generated content. Millennials trust each other. They rely on the opinions of their peers rather than the words of companies. UGC builds trust in your brand among millennials and different age groups too. And brand trust is an essential criterion by which Google indexes websites, so it is vital for SEO.

4) Keyword Fortification

If you are reading this post, then you probably already know how important keywords are for SEO. But if you are not utilizing reviews as part of your strategy, you miss out on automatic keyword optimization. Reviews are an excellent resource for keyword optimization on your site since customers will typically include a keyword or two related to the product or service they received and that you are trying to rank. Again, reviews become a source of free SEO. You can also begin to rank in multiple cities outside of your main office address.

5) Social Media Engagement

User generated content boosts social media engagement because people are more likely to interact with your brand if they see that their contemporaries have already done so. For this reason, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are very potent tools to garner UGC. Posting images of happy customers or sharing rave reviews will make it more likely that a non-customer will engage with your brand on social media, giving your SEO a turbo-boost.

6) Keyword Research

Again, reviews can be beneficial for your SEO. By carefully reading reviews, you can find out exactly how consumers refer to your product, your service, the effect it has, and the problems they solve. Knowing the exact phrasing will let you know which keywords to target in your content to boost your SEO rankings. 

Use UGC to Boost SEO

We have firmly established that reviews are a necessary form of UGC. But how do you get more of them? By working with us here at BrandREVU. Our software creates tons of user generated material for your website and GMB listing. In addition to getting you more reviews, your website will publish social proof of jobs completed. So start leveraging influential UGC right now.

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How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in 2020

How To Start a Digital Marketing Agency

So you want to start your own digital marketing agency? You probably have a penchant for helping other people and seeing measurable results from your actions. You also likely have an uncanny ability to put yourself in the consumers’ shoes and think outside the box. But it takes a lot more than passion and insight to get your company off the ground.

There are many things to consider and important decisions you have to make when you start your own digital marketing company. In the following post, BrandREVU will help steer you in the right direction. If you are considering starting your own digital marketing company, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll also share some tips that have worked for our partners and affiliates. Please take a look at our guide on how to start a digital marketing agency.

Choose Your Business Type

By professionals, we mean accountants and lawyers. Your first step will be a very generic one that every small business owner has to take. Talk to a lawyer and an accountant to see what types of insurances your new business will need, what kind of taxes you will need to file, and what kind of bank account would be best. You will also need to decide how to designate your new business. 


LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. An LLC designation will mean that you will be a separate entity from the business you form. In other words, your assets cannot be considered the investments of your company. LLC’s can also be member-run or manager-run. Such distinctions are different from, say, a corporation required by law to have officers, boards of directors, and shareholders.


Many digital marketing companies start as a partnership since different areas of expertise are required but not exhibited by just one person. If you designate your company as a partnership, you will need to sign a legal document that ties you to another person legally to the business. All partners may invest a certain amount of money into the company, and the company must abide by a profit share ratio. There are different kinds of partnership designations, including general partnership, limited liability partnership, and limited partnership.


An S-Corp is a sort of like the best of an LLC and a corporation. It offers the limited liability (the inability for someone to go after your assets if you get sued) with the shareholder opportunities. With an S-Corp, you only have to file taxes once a year, which protects you from double taxation.

Launch + Optimize Your Website

As someone interested in forming a digital marketing company, you probably already know the importance of a website that draws people in and holds their attention. But for a digital marketing company website, you have to put yourself in the minds of the clientele you are trying to reach. There are some considerations to take here regarding your target audience:


If you want to work mainly with other businesses who want to get their company to rank higher on SERPs, you should focus your website’s content on these types of clients. State how your services can take their business to the next level and offer tailored services to established companies.


Business to client emphasis will focus on smaller entities like artists trying to get noticed, personal online retail spaces, and even social media marketing for individuals. If this is your target audience, personalize your content to appeal to individual goals.

Choose Your Industry

Do you intend to target a specific industry like landscaping, property management, roofing, automotive, or hospitality? Make sure your website’s content is hyper-focused on these industries. Explain why your insight into the industry makes your company the best choice.

Make sure your website appeals to the people who need digital marketing help. For example, people with time constraints, people whit limited tech-skills, and people unhappy with their existing web presence.

Invest in Work Management Tools

Starting, you will need help organizing your team and compiling the tools that will help you streamline your services. SEO will be a massive part of what you do as a digital marketer. Make sure you familiarize yourself with Google My Business, Google Analytics, and the Google Search Console. Being able to navigate and wield expertly will allow you to:

  • See where organic traffic is coming from for your clients
  • Track the keywords that are working
  • Find out how web crawlers are indexing your clients’ websites
  • Make sure your clients’ information is correctly displayed

Chances are, you won’t be tackling all the work yourself. You will likely have a team of designers, analysts, and content managers to manage. For this, we recommend virtual team bases like Asana or Slack. They make it easy to collaborate and stay in touch with your team even if you are not physically present.

Set Your Prices (Carefully)

First of all, you will want to adopt a monthly retainer-based pricing model for your services. One-time SEO services are not standard as most people understand that marketing is an ongoing effort that yields result over time. Secondly, carefully consider the space of your client. Achieving results is more straightforward in niches and locations with less competition.

In contrast, crowded spaces require more intensive research and analysis to achieve desired goals. Consider a monthly fee for clients. You can also offer a-la-carte services for clients who need help in specific areas. 

Practice What You Preach

Consumers trust marketers who represent living proof of their strategy. For example, a marketing website ranking #1 for contractor marketing proves their process with visibility. When consumers find you on Google, they have confidence you can apply the same concepts to their online campaigns.

Luckily, in digital marketing, you have everything you need to make sure you practice what you preach – namely, a website. Test your website for speed and Google your website for keywords. Improving results will help implement SEO tools effectively and provide insight for your clients. 

Chart Your Journey

From the very outset of your work with a client, you should keep detailed records and notes of the work you do. Be sure to document why each client came to you in the first place – what their most significant marketing issue was, and what goals they hoped to achieve by coming to you.

Take note of plans and implementations. Once campaigns succeed, document specific results (traffic increases, lead generation, sales conversions, etc.) Request reviews from happy clients and showcase their testimonials on your website. Create and publish client case studies for each category as further social proof of your company’s legitimacy. Ensure your company also tracks failed campaigns for internal analysis.

Reputation Management

Reputation goes hand in hand with our last point, but reputation management is of paramount importance for any company in the digital age. One of the best ways to build a positive online reputation and establish yourself as an authority in the industry is to garner positive feedback from your clients. 

Online reviews are more critical now than ever before. Successful businesses always have reviews, and this trend isn’t slowing down. Make sure you ask your clients for testimonials and post them to your website, your social media pages, and including them in any online business profile platform. Utilize BrandREVU to generate more reviews.

Become a BrandREVU Authorized Dealer

Here at BrandREVU, we specialize in online reputation management. Agencies and small businesses use our software with excellent results. Succesful clients help build agency reputations creating a win-win scenario. Our innovative software can streamline your SEO operations and make managing reviews as simple as a few clicks of your mouse. 

We work directly with SEO and marketing agencies and have tons of experience in the space. We offer a unique software that makes it easy for you and your clients to achieve optimal ranking results. Let us make your job easier and get your digital marketing agency started right today.

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How to Rank for “Roofers Near Me” With More Reviews

Roofers Near Me (Blog Cover)

Roofing is very much a local business. Chances are, if you are a roofing contractor, you are not traveling three counties over to bid on jobs. So the “near me” searches become extremely important for lead generation and customer conversion.

But ranking in the Google Local 3 Pack isn’t easy. If it were, marketers would be out of a job. To rank high on coveted “near me” searches, you have to take care of many aspects of SEO. But one of the most critical factors that affect your “near me” search rankings are reviews. 

Reviews are important factors for local ranking because they are one of the things the Google crawlers emphasize when indexing pages for relevant searches. And in case you were wondering why you would even want to rank high for “near me” searches, consider the following statistic: from 2016 to 2018, the frequency with which online consumers have used the “near me” keyword to find local businesses has increased by 900%. And those numbers are still rising in 2020.

So ask yourself this question: are you ranking well in “roofers near me” searches? If not, getting more roofers near me reviews should be your first step. Let’s look at how you can rank better locally using reviews.

Make it Easy

You’ll want to make it as easy as possible for customers to write reviews of your business. And using a go-to short link makes it incredibly easy. Shortlinks go straight to a page where people can leave a Google review of your business. It’s easy, it’s quick, and you can use the link every time you ask for a review. Be sure this link is present on your website and in any emails you send out to customers. 

Leverage Existing Reviews

There is a way you can use the reviews you already have to rank higher on “near me searches.” Google has emphasized companies that reply to their customer’s reviews for their algorithm. What does that mean? It means that they are likely to rank your website higher if you regularly respond to the reviews people leave you on Google. 

Now is the perfect time to go through all your old reviews and turn them into ranking gold very quickly. Not only does replying to reviews help you rank higher, but it also helps bring in more reviews. When people see that you are likely to react to their review, they will be more likely to leave one in the first place – especially if you make it a point to respond promptly to negative reviews.

Spruce up your Google My Business Page

As you may have already surmised, this next tip will require that you have a Google My Business Listing, which you most certainly should if you are a roofing contractor. If you don’t, drop everything and create one now.

Merely having a Google My Business page isn’t enough, though. Many small businesses lose out on reviews because they have inconsistent or inadequate content on their profile. 

For example, say you worked for a resident and were pleased with the project. They want to leave you a useful review as a reward, but you have your business listed as “Donner Roofing LLC” on your Google My Business page, but the business card the happy customer has in his/her hands says “Donner Roofing.”

Now there is a doubt in her mind as to whether they are the same company. She abandons the review altogether, not wanting to give undue credit to a company she doesn’t know. 

“Aha!” the happy customer thinks – they remember your face, so they’ll look at the pictures you have on your Google My Business profile to identify your company. Alas, that marvelous idea crumbles quickly as the customer finds that you have little to no pictures on your account.

Ensuring that your company name, address, and contact info are consistent across all platforms (digital, print, multimedia, etc.) is essential. An optimized Google My Business page will help you get more roofers near me reviews since people can verify their contractor holds a listing on GMB.

BrandREVU Makes Review Acquisition Easy

Getting more reviews is a crucial part of local SEO, and here at BrandRevu, we specialize in helping roofers get them. We developed software specifically to help you get more reviews, manage existing feedback, and make the whole task easier even for people who aren’t tech-savvy. Let us help you get more roofers near me reviews today.  

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How to Change your Facebook Business Name (2020 Update)

Change Your Facebook Business Name (Cover)

Ensuring your name, address, and phone number (NAP) information is consistent across all business listing, online reviews, and social media platforms is a crucial part of the best SEO practices and online reputation management. And while it may seem like a simple task, many DIY marketers and even some professionals still overlook it. 

So in today’s post, BrandREVU will talk about why it’s essential to know how to change your Facebook business name when you need to and, of course, how to do it.

Can you Change your Facebook Business Page Name?

Absolutely. You can change your Facebook business page name any time (although the goal is not to have to do this often at all) so long as you are signed in as a page admin. 

Why Should you Change your Facebook Business Name?

The truth is you shouldn’t if you don’t have to. But what you should do is take some time to view your website and all other online business profiles you have registered for. If your business’s name is not consistent across all those platforms, you need to know how to edit them to make them 100% consistent. 

For example, if your business name is “Franklin & Sons Plumbing, LLC” on your official website but your Facebook page displays the name your customers often call you “Frankie & Sons”, that’s a problem. Having consistent branding is a benefit to your company and provides a better user experience to your customers. 

Besides, even slight name variations like the one we used in the example above can confuse customers and cause them to search for the services they need elsewhere. 

Having consistent branding will also make your business appear more professional to prospective customers. 

How Do I Change my Facebook Business Page Name in 2020?

You may have read a guide like this five years ago, but Facebook formatting changes. It’s best to stay abreast of the latest changes and make sure you know how to change your Facebook page at any time. The process is relatively simple:

  • First, log into your business’s Facebook account. Once you are in, you will see a blue arrow in the top right-hand corner of the page. Click it to open a drop-down menu. In this menu, you will see an option for “manage pages.” Click on this option.
  • You will then be navigated to a “page management” page. You should see your business listing here. Click it. 
  • When you are on your business page, you will see the three dots under the page’s main banner. Click those three dots to open the menu. In the menu, you will see an option for “edit page info.” Click on this option. 
  • Once you are on the “edit page info” page, scroll to the bottom. You will see an option for “see all information.” Click this option, and you will be taken to a page where you can edit your business name info. 

What if this Doesn’t Work?

If you cannot access any of the menu options and pages we described in the guide above, it probably means you are not an admin for the page. You will need to be an admin to make any name or business information changes to the page. To become an admin, ask the current admin to change your role

Getting admin status on your Facebook business page is a bit more involved. Still, you should be registered as the admin if you intend to manage your page. If you are unsure who is the current admin of your page, do the following:

  • Sign in to your Facebook page and click the “Settings” option at the top right end of the page.
  • You will see a “Page Roles” section in the menu that drops down in the left column. Click on the “Page Roles” link.
  • You will then be navigated to a page where you will see a list of page roles and occupy each of those roles associated with your Facebook business page. 

Get Professional Reputation Management Review Software

Please make no mistake about it; consistent branding is a massive part of online reputation management. And no one knows more about online reputation management than we do here at BrandREVU. Not only are we reputation management experts, but we can help you implement our innovative software to make vital tasks easy.

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Google Review not Showing up, What now?

Google Review Not Showing Up (Blog Cover)

Your Google review is not showing up, what do you do now? We understand how troubling it can be when your Google reviews aren’t showing up. Google reviews are extremely important to your brand and the growth of your business. With 63% of consumers reporting that they check Google reviews before making a purchasing decision, you simply can’t afford to lose out on such a huge market.

And after all, you have worked hard to earn your glowing reviews. You have improved your product, service, and customer support efforts so you should be getting all your Google reviews. But a lot of businesses are facing the problem of Google reviews not showing up these days and we wanted to take some time to explain why this may be happening to you and what you can do about it.

Some of the reasons for Google Reviews not showing up have to do with their systems and servers which, unfortunately, you can’t really do anything about. And sometimes it’s just a simple matter of clearing your browser cache. But there are a number of reasons why your Google reviews may not be showing up so let’s take a look at some of the most common and likely causes.

Reason 1: COVID-19

Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has far-reaching effects but a lot of business owners and customers were surprised when they tried to leave a review or reply to a customer review in late March and found that they were unable to do so. Google temporarily disabled the review functionality of Google My Business listings in March due to COVID-19. There were a couple of reasons why this happened:

  • Unfair Reviews – The fact is that some consumers were unaware of the situation and that some businesses limited their hours or had to shutter their doors completely due to the ongoing pandemic. This led to a lot of unfounded negative reviews. In an effort to insulate businesses from these unfair reviews, Google temporarily disabled customer reviews.
  • Limited Manpower – Google was hit just like a lot of businesses were. When the pandemic struck, Google had to limit its own team which informed the decision to temporarily disable the review function of GMB.

If you haven’t checked your GMB listing page since April, be sure to check-in. Google has recently re-enabled reviews and review replies. Also, make sure all your business information including operating hours are up to date and correct. COVID-19 altered business hours and outdated business hours could also be causing a delay in review posting. 

Reason 2: Reviews Don’t Comply with Google Terms of Service

In an effort to make Google as user (and family) friendly as possible, they have laid out comprehensive and strict terms of service for all submitted content on the platform…including reviews. So what does that mean for you as a business owner? Let’s say someone loved your restaurant so much that they decided to leave a very “enthusiastic” review which included some obscenities. According to the Google Terms of Service, they reserve the right to remove any content deemed “obscene or profane.” 

That means that even if someone gives you a 5-star review on Google, it will not be displayed if there are vulgarities or other restricted content and verbiage in it. The only way to remedy this issue is to ask the reviewer to go to their Google Plus page, click on their “My Contributions” tab, edit the review to comply with the Google TOS, and resubmit it.

Reason 3: Loss of Verification Status

Google uses a few different methods to verify a business. But your work as a business owner isn’t done once you have your business initially verified. Google tries to offer its users relevant, accurate, and up to date information as much as possible. As such, inactive businesses may have their verification pulled by Google which means, among other things, that new customer reviews will not show up on GMB. There are a couple of ways you can lose your verification status:

  • Not Logging In – If you have not logged into your Google My Business dashboard in 6 months or more, you may have your verification pulled.
  • Lack of Activity – If you have not made any edits to your GMB page, not posted new pictures, or replied to customer reviews for a significant amount of time, you may also lose your verification status.

Google announced that they will send an email to GMB users before they actually revoke verification. If your business has lost verification due to inactivity, search your inbox for a notification from Google. It will contain instructions for reinstating verification.

Reason 4: Spam

Your heart may be in the right place, but your marketing strategies may get your GMB listing flagged and suspended. Google loathes spam. They will remove any content that they feel may be spam. So if you have asked your family, friends, neighbors, and random strangers to leave a review for your business, we applaud your gumption but this tactic may lead to your reviews getting removed. 

Here is exactly how Google puts it in their own words:

“Your content should reflect your genuine experience at the location and should not be posted just to manipulate a place’s ratings. Don’t post fake content, don’t post the same content multiple times, and don’t post content for the same place from multiple accounts.”

If you are getting reviews from people who haven’t really patronized your business, if one person is leaving multiple reviews or if everyone is suspiciously saying the same things in their reviews, Google will likely flag the content as spam and remove it. 

Unfortunately, the only thing you can do to prevent this is to make sure you are not using spammy tactics to get reviews. Instead, try these tested and proven review acquisition methods.

Reason 5: Deleted Reviews

Finally, some reviews just get flat out deleted. Either the user has gone back and deleted a review for whatever reason or Google has deleted an existing review of your business. There are a few reasons why Google reviews may be suddenly deleted:

  • The Review was from a Third-Party Site – If you are noticing that some of your Yelp or BBB reviews are no longer showing up on your GMB listing, it’s because Google no longer includes reviews from third-party review sites.
  • The Review Contains Links – Including links in a review is not allowed. If someone left your business a review with a link, it will be deleted almost immediately after it is posted.
  • The Review was Redacted – In some cases, your reviewer may simply go back and delete their review of your business. A user’s profile can also get flagged and their review removed if their Google Plus account had no activity before or after the review was left.

BrandREVU: Professional Review Service

In any case, the best thing you can do to make sure you have plentiful and helpful reviews is to utilize our innovative reputation management and review software. BrandREVU has custom-designed our software to help local businesses rank higher, improve their online presence, and make their reviews work for them. We can help you get more reviews and more conversions. Learn more about what our software can do for your company by contacting us!

The Most Innovative Review Software for Contractors

Review Software for Contractors (Blog Cover)

If you are looking for review software for contractors, you aren’t alone. Being a contractor comes with its own unique set of challenges – especially if you want to focus on marketing. Contracting businesses are brick and mortar companies. If you have no local presence then you are fighting an uphill battle. There are a lot of types of software out there for contractors but none of them have been optimized for the digital marketing needs of contractors. The problem usually lies in a lack of foresight by developers. They see the market as a global entity, which it is. But as a contractor, you have to think locally. You have to learn how to walk before you can run so to speak. That’s where things like local SEO come into play.

You need to be seen by as many people in your community as possible and digital marketing is the best and most efficient way to be seen. Here at BrandRevu, we take local SEO a step further with our innovative review software for contractors. Our review software was developed with a local focus to help contractors like you grow your business and leverage the reviews you already have, gain more, and turn them into powerful local marketing tools. 

The Importance of Contractor Reviews

Most people would say that leads are the lifeblood of a contracting business but many leads are created by reviews. Customer reviews are an important part of the sales funnel. They can provide you with important market data, help you improve your services, and be social proof signals to potential customers. 

Reviews can be a powerful asset to your business but only if they are managed correctly. For example, did you know that perfect aggregate review ratings are actually not ideal in today’s market? People are distrustful of perfect reviews. They tend to think that perfect reviews are a signal that the proprietor has manipulated the system in some way. It sounds counterintuitive but it’s true. In fact, the Spiegel Research Canter has statistical proof that businesses and products with 4.2-4.5 ratings influenced more sales. 

Customer reviews are important to the millennial market as well. The millennial generation is finally moving out of their parents’ homes and starting to buy houses of their own. In fact, one in three millennials under the age of 35 now owns a home. That number is down from previous generations but it still makes up a large portion of the market. And all those young homeowners will need work on their properties at some point. So it is important to note that 91% of millennials trust online customer reviews as much as they trust word of mouth referrals from friends and family. The millennial generation is likely the one over which customer reviews hold the most clout so it is imperative that you have plenty of reviews on your website to appeal to this surging generation.

Another reason why customer reviews are so important in today’s market is that more and more people are shying away from paid advertising. In a study conducted by Statuslabs, it was found that a whopping 83% of modern consumers don’t trust ads. What do they turn to in order to inform their purchasing decisions instead? You guessed it, customer reviews. When a person reads a review, they are seeking to find out what they can expect from your business by seeing it through the experience of someone who has used your services before. In essence, reviews are the new advertising.

The quantity of reviews also plays a role in conversion rates. For example, an estimated 70% of consumers will not make a purchasing decision before they have read at least 4 reviews. Most of those consumers will not even consider your business if you have less than 4 reviews. Much less if you have none. So garnering reviews becomes important in the first place. But how do you get reviews? Check out more reputation management stats.

Earning Reviews for Contractors

Do you have little to no reviews for your contracting business? Fear not. Just take a look at these helpful tips for generating reviews for your business:

  • Ask70% of consumers will leave a review if asked. So don’t be afraid to ask your customers for a review once the job is done. Word of mouth requests are still very effective for earning reviews.
  • Make it Easy – If you make the process of leaving a review easy for your customers, they will be more inclined to do so. Remember, not everyone is tech-savvy. Not everyone knows how to jump on Yelp or Angie’s List and leave a review. That’s why you should have a simple link ready for them when you request a review. Consider printing your review links on your business card or providing an email that walks your customers through the process.
  • Tell your Crew – You will not always be around at the end of a job so make sure that your team knows that asking for reviews is a point of emphasis. 
  • Google My Business – Having your business set up on Google My Business is a great way to earn more reviews. Google My Business is one of the most popular platforms right now and Google makes it easy for customers to leave reviews. Make sure you have a Google My Business profile with all your pertinent information listed on it.

What Review Software for Contractors can do

Now that you know just how important reviews are and know how you can start earning more, it’s time to talk about what advantages review software for contractors holds. Take a look at the most important benefits:

  • It Saves Time – Review software like the kind we offer here at Brand Revu will help you focus on other important aspects of running your business. By automating many of the processes related to managing reviews on various platforms, our review software for contractors can take menial tasks out of your hands and the hands of your staff. We can help you allocate your most precious resource – time – to other endeavors.
  • It Makes for A Happier Customer – Did you know that 89% of people seek out and read business’s replies to customer reviews? When you reply to a review, whether it be good or bad, it shows the customer and potential customers that you care about providing excellent service. Our software makes it easy for you to reply to reviews that have been posted across multiple platforms. We make it simple to provide a better overall customer experience to your clients.
  • It Improves Local SEO – Our software focuses on turning your reviews into schema markup, geo-locating and optimizing reviews for local SEO. Your reviews can actually help other people in your area find your business but only if they are managed just so. We make sure that your reviews helped get you ranked on more local searches.
  • Improve your Online Reputation – We already talked about how people don’t trust traditional advertising anymore. With our help, you can turn your customer reviews into extremely potent marketing tools. Your customer reviews can help build your brand and make more external platforms point to your company website. 

Innovative Review Software for Contractors

So what makes Brand Revu the most innovative review software for contractors? For starters, we help get your reviews broadcasted to the platforms that matter the most. We use schema markup and microdata to optimize your page for local searches. We turn your customer reviews into local SEO signals so that more people who are in need of your services can find you. We make sure that all geo-indicators that exist for your company online are accurate, streamlining the sales process and making sure that you aren’t inundated by customers outside of your service area.

With our Brand Revu widget, we also make it easy for people to see glowing reviews of your service from all platforms right on your website. We make it as easy as possible for busy contractors to manage and reply to customer reviews. We help you earn even more reviews. In short, we cater to the SEO and marketing needs of the modern contractor. 

There is much more we can do for you. But every service that our software provides is geared towards helping you expand and meet the goals you have for your business. We have worked with contractors of all kinds, and we have the experience to help you turn the vision you have for your company into a reality. Get in touch with us here at BrandRevu to learn more.

The Best Review Software for Plumbers

Best Review Software for Plumbers (Cover)

Looking for the best review software for plumbers? If you generate a good amount of positive customer reviews for your plumbing company then pat yourself on the back. You have already accomplished something that a lot of plumbing contractors struggle with – especially in the early days. But don’t you think it’s time for those reviews to start really working for you? After all, you have worked hard to provide stellar service to your customers to get those reviews in the first place. Don’t let them gather dust on the shelf.

At BrandRevu, we are all about making your good reviews work for you. A lot of the time, plumbers’ good reviews aren’t really doing much for the continued success of their companies because they simply don’t know how powerful reviews can be. Reviews can be leveraged in a number of ways to help you convert more customers, rank higher on local SEO searches, and establish the reputation of your company. Didn’t think a simple review could do all that did you?

The Power of Plumbing Reviews

Before we even begin talking about how our review software for plumbers can help expand your business, we should talk about the inherent power of reviews. Reviews on their own already pack a powerful punch for your business even without the optimization we provide through our review software for plumbers. Take a look at what we mean:

Reviews Help Improve Businesses

Reviews are a rich source of market data. They can tell you how a customer perceived your service and in turn, provide invaluable data for improving upon them. For example, a review that sounds something like “Ace Plumbing was great. They came in, were neat, and fixed my leak. The only thing that was lacking was…” Now at first, you would probably read this and be a bit bummed that you didn’t knock it out of the park. But reviews like these are actually treasure troves of valuable market data. They can show you how to grow a better brand and improve your business.

Reviews Improve Local SEO Ranking

Reviews make up 13% of the signals that help Google determine which results end up in the Local Pack. The more reviews you have for your business, the more Google will trust that you offer value to the community and rank your business in local searches. This is accelerated if your reviews are area-specific. Reviews are a form of organic SEO and they are on the rise in terms of importance in rankings.

Reviews Build Reputations

Reviews are a form of social proof. They let people who have never used your business to read the experiences of people who have. They show people that your business is worth their time and money. And the more positive reviews you have, the more people will flock to your business. Think of a restaurant you have seen in the past that had a line coming out the door and around the corner. You probably thought something along the lines of ‘wow that place must be pretty good.’ That’s social proof and it influences the perceptions and buying habits of other people. Reviews can quickly help you establish a strong reputation in your community if managed properly.

These are just a few of the inherent benefits that customer reviews bring to the table. And all of the aforementioned attributes are great in and of themselves. But what we offer is a way to get even more out of your reviews. It’s sort of like turbo boosting the reviews you already have…

Review Software for Plumbers

Through many experiences, effort, research, and hard work, we have come up with the best review software for plumbers here at Brand Revu. What makes our review software for plumbers the best? Just take a look:

Schema Markup

If you don’t already know, schema markup is one of the many things that index your website on the Google algorithm. It is a code language spoken by Google and other platforms and it tells Google that your website has relevant information to what a user is searching for. Did you know that reviews can be turned into schema markup and microdata? With our software, it can. Our review software for plumbers turns your already valuable reviews into schema markup so that more people will be able to lay eyes on them when they do a local search for plumbers. It puts the good reviews you have worked so hard for on Front Street so to speak and makes them work for you.

Platform Consolidation

Our review software for plumbers will also help you earn more reviews. One of the biggest reasons why people choose not to leave a review even if they have been satisfied by the service is because the process is too complex or time-consuming. With our software, your customers will be able to easily leave a single review across a number of platforms. They will receive a single link where they can leave their review and like magic, it will be visible across multiple review platforms.

Local SEO

Our geolocation plugin can help you target the right local markets. With our review software for plumbers, you can get much more value out of the customer reviews that reference your general service area. We use these reviews to further optimize your service areas and correct any inaccurate location coding. All of this in turn helps you rank higher and more accurately in local searches.

Check-In Service

Check-ins are a powerful tool in local SEO ranking as well. When you go out to a customer’s home or place of business, all you need to do is take a picture of the job site, provide a brief description of the work and then upload it and out software goes to work adding geolocation and schema markup so that your check-ins turn into marketing tools instantly. Online Reputation – By broadcasting your reviews to more outlet platforms, our review software for plumbers can help you build your online reputation quickly than if you were to everything manually. We basically get your reviews, check-ins and content broadcasted to more parts of the internet than other software. It’s a great way to establish, maintain, and even improve the online reputation of your plumbing business.

Growth for your Plumbing Business

One of the things that our clients love the most about our review software for plumbers is that it makes growing their business easier. It’s like having your own personal digital marketing professional at your beck and call at all times. The fact that we emphasize local SEO is what sets our review software for plumbers apart from others. The experts agree, local SEO is essential to the growth of your brick and mortar business and it is only becoming more important. 

All of the aspects of our review software for plumbers add up to more growth for your business. The aforementioned services are only the tip of the iceberg too. Our software can help make managing and even replying to reviews much easier for you. It is geared toward saving you time and automating as much of your marketing efforts as possible. Imagine taking steps toward growing your business while you sleep or while you are enjoying a weekend with your family. That’s essentially what the Brand Revu software can do for you.

BrandRevu: Powerful & Professional Software

We developed our software for contractors of all kinds. We know the challenges you face as a plumbing contractor. We know that you may not have the marketing expertise you need to take your business to the next level. But we have thought of all that for you. Now you can have powerful, professional, and personalized software tailored to your needs as a plumber or plumbing contractor. 

There is so much that our review software for plumbers can do for your business but it all starts by getting in touch with us. We would be glad to help get you started so get in touch with our friendly and professional tame today.