Put Your Reviews to Work

Online reviews are essential to any business, new or old. However, there is very little search engine optimization available for review posts. At least until now. BrandREVU is a review software created by BrandREVU to help provide added optimization to your client reviews. By adding schema coding to your reviews, we are able to optimize them for your area and industry along with your company. Our BrandREVU review software uses schema and micro data to make your online content more accessible and easily indexed by Google and other search engines. Call us at 800-775-1250 to learn more about the BrandREVU review and check-in software and what it can do for your online presence.

Provider Check In

  • Service providers can check in at job sites, upload photos of their work, and give a brief description of what they are doing.
  • The check-in adds geo-location and microdata schema, providing a boost to local SEO.

How Does it Work?

If your business has an online site, then you’ve heard the phrase search engine optimization too many times to count. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is used for online analytics to make your site easier to find through search engines like Google, Bing, and other platforms. By strategically placing keywords and other optimization techniques in your online content, potential clients can easily find your site and services over your competition. 

Our Review Software does a multitude of duties. The BrandREVU Check-In Software works like this:

  • More Reviews: Rather than send your clients on a goose-hunt, trying to find all the places to review your services, we offer them one. With our plugin, a link can be texted or emailed to your clients, which will let them write the one review to be seen across several platforms.
  • Managing Your Online Reputation: Honestly, there is no change in the logic behind reviews. The more 5 star reviews you have, the better your reputation will be. You do great work, so now let others know. The more good reviews you have, the better your online presence will be.
  • Organic Web Ranking: What sets our plugin apart from others is the fact that we link more than just reviews. When clients and contractors check-in, the BrandREVU check-in software goes to work. It catalogs and indexes all the information to help your content be seen across multiple platforms.
  • Geo Location: Our check-in software goes the extra mile for you. Not only can you get better web ranking with check-ins, but we can help resolve the issue of incorrect location coding. Client reviews that also list their general location help our plugin to better optimize your service areas. Altogether, it can help create even more organic data which will help to set you apart from the competition online.
  • Higher Map Ranking: While reviews are necessary for any business to grow, so is engagement. That means having clients regularly engaging with your content either through reviews or searches. Our plugin helps to get you that engagement, which will help increase your map ranking.

Sometimes, however, even SEO needs a little boost and that is where schema comes in. What is that? Schema is an HTML code style that delivers easy-to-read information, also known as micro data, to search platforms for better indexing. Micro data is specific information that may be searched, reviewed, or looked at by clients. This information is also specific to your site and your company. By adding schema micro data to your reviews, they are easily indexed by location and topic so your company reviews not only boast your team’s talent, but also offer a boost for site’s SEO efforts. With our plugin, your site can actually experience a better organic web ranking. We’re able to do this through contractor check-ins, job site pictures, and turning reviews into content. Our plugin tracks all of this and creates the necessary data, link, and indexing so your content can be seen across several platforms. More importantly, your reviews can be seen across all the different platforms. 

That being said, schema can be complicated, which is what makes the BrandREVU plugin so unique and so important to have. This plugin automatically inserts schema coding when your team members tag a job location or type so you never have to worry about incorrect coding or placement. 

Customer Reviews

BrandREVU Review with GEO Location
  • Customers leave reviews on major platforms or your own site
  • Reviews get geo-tagged with check-in data
  • Review schema boosts visibility in search results

During searches, schema is also used to create something called a rich snippet. Micro data is used to create a brief description of your services or products which appears at the top of Google searches, displaying your company more prominently. While Google makes the ultimate decision of which sites and information are used, having correct schema can boost your company’s chances of appearing in these coveted snippets. 

An Easier Way to Review

Along with schema code implementation, BrandREVU is a great way to encourage your clients to review your company. Because BrandREVU provides multiple review platforms at one time, your clients’ reviews can be seen across many platforms. Through this easy-to-use review software, your clients can write one review to be delivered to all the top review platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp. We really can help you get more reviews. Rather than send clients on a goose hunt for a place to review your services, the BrandREVU review software sends your clients email or text links. From there, they can leave reviews on all search engine platforms.

Start Using Those Reviews Today

Our reputation management software helps boost your companies SEO through reviews and that information known as micro data. If this seems like it can get complicated quickly, you’re not wrong, which is why our software is so beneficial. The BrandREVU reputation management software takes the guesswork out of the equation for you. All you have to do is a good job and ask clients to write detailed reviews. Our software and content writers will take care of the rest. Altogether, our tool helps to make your online content more accessible to future clients, helps boost local SEO, and provides authority for your website, a top-ranking factor for Google. Ask us how to get started today with BrandREVU. Call 800-775-1250 to learn more and start utilizing the BrandREVU review software today.

It’s Check-ins, It’s Reviews, It’s Content, It’s Ranking – It’s BrandREVU